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Bruce Mirken Rebuts John Walters' Lies About Marijuana Potency

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sun, May 17, 2009 - 3:28 am

John Walters describes himself perfectly at 28 seconds into the video, “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” This is what I’ve been saying for ages. They are modern-day false prophets, like the false prophets of alcohol prohibition who claimed alcohol prohibition was going to be so wonderful.

I invite you to take a look at the Bible where Jesus gives us the saying about “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Matthew 7:15-20 (quoted below). After you’ve read it, compare the War on Drugs, and the Drug Warriors, to that passage.

What kind of fruit have they yielded?

1. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
2. Governments’ corruption, death, and destruction.

[UPDATE: FOX NEWS debunks the evil lies of the Prohibitionists like Walters that “potent” marijuana is a recent invention, Huge Stash of Marijuana Found in Ancient Tomb. Overlooking the immature puns and copious use of vernacular drug lingo, they write, “An ancient Caucasian people, probably the Indo-European-speaking Yuezhi whose fair-haired mummies keep turning up in Xinjiang province, seem to have buried one of their shamans with a whopping 789 grams of high-potency pot 2,700 years ago.” Sorry to say they do not provide THC, CBD, or CBN, etc… numbers, so you’ll have to do your own digging for the specifics.]

Video Title: 
MPP's Bruce Mirken Discussing Marijuana Potency on Anderson Cooper 360


Yet another “scare” about marijuana potency. This seems to be the same tired fear-mongering the Drug Warriors pull out ever few years and claim it’s a new threat. But first, ask yourself this question, “How many people have died from smoking marijuana, either habitually, or in an overdose?” Answer: None., on this page, takes former Drug Czar John Walters to task over these and similar lies, in another segment Anderson Cooper of CNN aired.

Sorry to say but it appears CNN didn’t do their homework to figure out if the Drug Warriors were telling the truth or not, they just regurgitated the lies fed them by those with a conflict of interest, the Drug Lords.

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Matthew 7:15-20

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. By their fruits you will know them. Do you gather grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles?

Even so, every good tree produces good fruit; but the corrupt tree produces evil fruit. A good tree can’t produce evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree produce good fruit. Every tree that doesn’t grow good fruit is cut down, and thrown into the fire. Therefore, by their fruits you will know them.”


Now, let’s have that quiz:

What kind of fruit has the Drug War yielded?

1. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
2. Governments’ corruption, death, and destruction.


I just don't get where this guy thinks he's the ONLY authority on the impacts of the drug war.

It's almost like he is not even living in the real world at all, instead, he's so blinded by his own personal addiction of seeing descent people suffer and milking every dime he can for his own personal gain that, he will stop at nothing to change the constitution to fit his personal opinions.

As far as higher potency goes? I know for a FACT that you could get just as strong marijuana back in the 80's as you can now. In fact, thanks to our friends in the Netherlands and other MJ friendly countries, now you can go to websites that contain detailed descriptions by the breeders them selves of what you can expect from different highly marketable varieties of cannabis.

Today's different marijuana strains have different names and it's not hard to find out which strain best suits a person's individual needs. This information to me is invaluable to understand which strains help with different ailments and/or which strains help me reach a certain spiritual level I'm looking for.

John Walters and those like him, must not have any moral center at all and have no qualms about tearing good peoples lives apart with their constant lies, deception and propaganda tactics...he is nothing more than a dictator wannabe!

I still can't believe that people still value his naive opinions after so many people have discredited him time and time again.

Dear Lord forgive them, for they know not what they do ).; Or, do they not even care?

Or, do they not even care?

Plumbing the depths of their minds is only partially useful, we're to go to the light, not the dark. :-) Jesus told us to ignore the blind guides [Matthew 15:14] and that instead we are to search for God's Kingdom and Righteousness [Matthew 6:33] :-).

However, their mouths are so full of twisted logic that I can't help but try to catalog it and analyze it, not only to help myself, but to help others who are in need of a helpful helmet on their head.

I am certain that the crown of thorns placed on Jesus' head and beaten was—in part—a visual symbol to the world of all the bad logic, bad ideas, lies, trickery, deception, and so forth that Jesus listened to his whole life, while talking with others, and trying to convince them of the truth, the need to repent, etc…

I have a few theories, but the main ones are:
1) The are trying to avoid one or more painful issues in their own lives, so they focus on others instead. Jesus' advice: Luke 6:39-42.
2) They think they are so doggone great and fixed all their own problems, they need to make others as good as they are, just like themselves.

As far as stronger cannabis goes, the best I can tell, people don't smoke it or vaporize it for the sensation of smoking, they do it for the effect(s). Thus stronger—more potent—pot is a good thing because it means they inhale less to achieve the desired effects.

You are very right in quoting Yeshua, "Dear Lord forgive them, for they know not what they do," and implying we are not to curse them, but to pray for them, praying good things for them. [Matthew 5:43-48] They are their own worst enemies, but they don't realize it apparently.

Psalm 109 tidbit:

They may curse, but you will bless.

But in my prayers I will also pray that they will stop the needless violence and tearing apart of descent peoples families as well, because of their brutal enforcement tactics used to kill, torture and maim the innocent.

I only wish I had half of Jesus' forgiving nature but, as a sinner of the flesh, I have a hard time seeing past the horrifying news stories I keep reading and just tend to send my prayers in the direction of the families who are the real suffering victims of people like John Walters, who target the innocent and cover up their actions with lies and deception.

My prayer is for them to see the error of their ways but, I just can't totally forgive their past actions like the case of Cathrin Johnson, who was just an old woman trying to live her life and now her family has to suffer because of people like JW and his violence loving SS neo-Nazi commando troopers and their "no-knock warrant"

I know it's wrong to be hard heart'ed towards other people but, the mental images I keep getting in my mind of little kids crying as mom or dad is being stripped away from them for nothing more than enjoying one of God's gifts while not hurting another living soul...well, I guess I need to ask the lord to help me make since of it all and to forgive me for being so vengeful toward those who know not what they do...the thing is though, they know exactly what they are doing and as I saw on an episode of COPS, go out and get gloriously drunk to celebrate their victories over non-violent citizens. (I almost threw up)

Hmm, lets analyze this one;
Beer/liquor/wine= Man made
Marijuana=God made
There's something terribly wrong with that picture, celebrating with deadly man made substances after torturing non-violent citizens for enjoying something non-lethal that God made, wow...kinda' hard for me to wrap my brain around that one...Y'all?

It almost brings me to tears sometimes, to think that these things happen in what used to be the most free nation in the world, but the going consensus now seems to be that our forefathers, who built this country from nothing and based the constitution on the promise that the American government would never control the American peoples personal lives and pursuit of happiness, were dead wrong and that our government needs to control every aspect of American lives...kinda' sounds like were heading towards a communist state of control to me and that makes me very bitter. Our brave solders didn't die for that, they died for FREEDOM! And as far as I'm concerned, that ain't up for negotiation! So, my prayers tend to be for the victims and not the tyrants, although, I'll try praying for them to see the light anyway.

I know it's wrong to be hard heart'ed towards other people…

… So, my prayers tend to be for the victims and not the tyrants, although, I'll try praying for them to see the light anyway.

It is not hard-hearted to be angry at the leaders of the Drug War or the Drug Warriors. To try to put a physical parallel on it… If we were only angry at those who do wrong—any wrong—and didn't pray for them too, we would just be creating anger, bitterness, resentment… That anger is like an acid, eating away, corrosive. But when we pray for those who mistreat us, it's like putting something alkaline—a base—in the container of our being, thus aiding to neutralize the acids. This keeps us from becoming exclusively bitter, angry, corrosive, etc…

Many? Most? All? of them are experts at what they hate (creating fear, terrorizing, killing, misrepresenting the truth, etc…), this is an irony of course, and part of the reason Jesus tells us to be afraid of God and to really work and think hard about how we worship: Matthew 7:20-23 (NIV)

"… Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them. Not everyone who says to me, `Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

"Many will say to me on that day, `Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?'

"Then I will tell them plainly, `I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'"

Man-made vs. human-made
Technically alcohol is not man-made. Humans certainly have become experts in producing it in many forms, like you point out. But I have seen a number of nature shows where a tree drops its fruit, the fruit rots, and animals eat it and get drunk. Not too long ago I read a story of this. I think it was a badger, and it ate too many over-ripe ______ (grapes?) and after a while it went out in the middle of a road and lay there! Ok, located the article, they were cherries! Drunk badger blocks traffic

In the natures shows I've seen, there are close shots of staggering monkeys, birds that can't fly straight, large animals that sway and swagger. Although I've never seen any shots of them barfing. :-)

One irony it seems to me is these animals, nearly all of them over-do it. Perhaps because they are used to trying to consume everything they see before winter freezes the plants to death or summer fries them up. But humans in their production of alcohol tend to aim for moderation, and pairing alcohol with food. For sure, not everyone does that, there are some who over-do it, but…

To come back to the subject line of this post and reiterate my thoughts, being angry at them is not wrong. Only being angry at them probably is, and is definitely not the best strategy. Remember the so-called Sermon on the Mount. When Jesus said, "Blessed are you who thirst and hunger for righteousness, for they will be filled."