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Bungee Jumping and Drugs, a Flyer (version 1.3.0)

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Thu, Jun 16, 2011 - 6:28 pm

Bungee Jumping & Drugs, A Lesson in Harm Reduction is our second flyer to help you convince others of the need to end prohibition.

Before there was bungee jumping there was land diving. What is land diving? Well stay tuned and there will be at least one more page around here which will explain some details. Until then there is the ever helpful Wikipedia: land diving & bungee jumping.

Bungee Jumping and Drugs thumbnail Using the lessons from alcohol prohibition this flyer gives an overview of how prohibition will make all of the harms and potential dangers of bungee jumping exponentially worse. Not only will they be worse, but like modern day drug prohibition, the prohibitionists will rely on circular reasoning and act as though the magnified harms (which are entirely due to prohibition) are justification for continuing their prohibitionist tactics of shame, punishment, brutal and murderous SWAT raids, mandatory prison time, and more.

All of the problems foreseen are taken from the pages of history, from alcohol prohibition. Yes, prohibitionists were able to get their way and add poison to alcohol used for industrial purposes, specifically to harm people if it was consumed. We see this same sick and heartless attitude today from the very mouths of people in our government and prohibitionists who pressure our government.

Read the flyer for more examples.

It should be noted this is not a flyer about thrill seekers, it is not an attempt to analyze or categorize the myriad personalities and reasons why people go bungee jumping or use any of the panoply of substances and plants which have illegally been made illegal.

This flyer draws from history and shows how prohibitionist tactics caused the disasters we know as alcohol prohibition and drug prohibition, and projects them on the sport of bungee jumping.

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