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Drug Free World?

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sun, Aug 2, 2009 - 6:21 pm

There are a few organizations with names that should give you a hint as to their ability to grasp and fathom reality.

Have there been any countries, civilizations, or societies that have not had some drugs available to them, and used them?

Stuff for headaches, remedies for that stomach-upset, things to keep you from sneezing, plants to take away your hunger and provide fiber, the list goes on…


Alcohol, tobacco cigarettes, the nicotine in them, marijuana, etc… all those things are considered drugs. The caffeine in your coffee is considered a drug. Take Metamucil or some other brand of psyllium husk fiber? Just look at the label and see the "Drug Facts" sticker on it. Kind of interesting since all psyllium husk fiber does is pass straight through you, not one bit is absorbed into your system. (From what I read. I am not an expert in that.)

Have a headache? Then you take an aspirin, or some other pain reliever you've found works for you; and if you're over 16 years old, you've probably figured which pain reliever works best, and how many pills to take.

Maybe you're going to the beach, don't forget to bring and use sun-screen. Hm… let's see, I have some right here, and on the back: "Drug Facts."

Next time you open that new box holding your toothpaste, don't overlook the Drug Facts on it!

Think we should get rid of all drugs? Do you think America can really be free of all drugs? A drug free world? Should we?

What is the answer to the biggest concerns people have? Education. Reading labels. Reading other honest information. Put drugs in the hands of responsible parties and regulate them with intelligent rules, thus removing them from the hands of greedy pushers only looking for a profit and using children as their proxies to deal for them.

Parental Advice

In college one of my friends who lived down the hall from me told me the advice her mom gave her about drugs. Her mom told her she'd tried drugs. Her mother advised caution and besides all the other motherly advice, she included that she didn't try certain drugs because she was afraid she would like them too much and not be able to stop.

Sounds like an honest dose of humility and reality to me.

That advice was taken to heart by my friend and she followed it. She drank in moderation and even smoked marijuana. But I am certain her mother's comments kept her from trying various "hard drugs." I am also certain that if her mother told her that hard drugs would cause her hair to turn gray, or hair to grow on her palms, or some other typical scare story, she would have ignored the cautions and tried them.

The moral of the story? Be honest. Don't make wild claims, chances are they will be tested. Once tested, you will be found out to be a liar, and much of your other advice will be ignored. Is that really what you want?

Which is more likely to lead someone in to temptation? An honest and humble appraisal, like above? Or a heavy-handed diatribe with half-truths, lies, and wild claims?