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Drug War Tree and Fruit, a Flyer (version 2.1.0)

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Mon, Aug 24, 2009 - 3:11 am

Drug War Tree

The Drug War Tree. Sewn in racism, hate, and lies. Fed with fear, propaganda, self-righteous chest-thumping, donations from black-market cartels, donations from those with a conflict of interest, and hypocrisy.

The Drug War Tree. Destined to be cut down, along with those who cling to it and worship it. Destined for the fire.

This is not something I just made up. Both John the Baptist and Yeshua/Jesus pointed out the destiny of trees not producing good fruit.

The Flyer

Please download the PDF (see link below) in your efforts to end the Drug War. You can email it or print it out. Information about printing it is below. The audience is both religious and non-religious. The religious folks should see the tie-in with scripture, and the non-religious folks should understand the metaphor.

This 2-sided flyer is a standard 3-fold design on standard 8.5 in. x 11 in. paper, which means you can drop it in a legal-sized envelope along with your correspondence to clergy, elected officials, etc…

Care has been taken to create a flyer the average person, who can't afford barrels of $$$ ink, can print in decent quantities and distribute. It is mostly black & white.

Printing It

The flyer is not "full bleed," in other words it has margins, although for some printers the margins could be smaller than your printer can deal with. The margins are 0.25 inches.

There are a few options to get it to print without cropping off the text at the margins. Try printing it with your regular settings first, to see if there is a problem (text at edges cropped, for example). You can try these adjustments: the first is to choose "borderless" printing on 8.5" x 11" paper, if such a setting does not exist in your printer driver, then look for a setting indicating the content will be scaled down to fit and also choose to center the content on the page.

If you are particularly thrifty, you can also adjust your ink settings to use a reduced amount of ink, this will make the black text a little less black (i.e. dark gray) depending on your settings, but still legible, thus ink will be conserved and you can thus print more.

Since the flyer is 2-sided, if you are going to print on both sides of the paper, it's best to either reduce the ink used, so it won't bleed through your paper, or use a heavy-weight paper so the ink won't bleed through.

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