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False Prophets of Prohibition

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sun, Jul 11, 2010 - 5:18 pm


In the Bible you can read all sorts of stuff about False Prophets, mostly in the Old Testament. In short, God didn't talk to them, but they went around saying, "God told me to tell you ____________." Or they went around making pronouncements of what would happen in the future, and perhaps why. Or they would say an event happened because of some reason, and they would point to God as having caused it for ____________ reason.

Since many people may not be familiar with the concept of False Prophets, let's compare them to another group which many people are familiar with.


False Prophets are similar to, but not exactly like, today's "Yes-Men." As you may know, Yes-Men are people who kiss butt, pander, they claim their masters do no wrong, they lavish praise on their overlord(s) and deride all opposition, no matter what the facts are. In short, they've sold their souls to beings other than the one true God.

Simple Comparison: Yes-Men & False Prophets

Facts don't matter to Yes-Men or False Prophets. If the facts seem to line up with what they say, then they tout them. If the facts do not line up with what they say, the facts are ignored, misrepresented, or bent in some crooked way. Yes-Men told the emperor his clothing of moonbeams was the finest in all creation, ignoring the fact the emperor was strutting stark naked for all to see; all of them being hoodwinked by a lie they knew was a lie, but were too cowardly to acknowledge.

This concept, and modified title, is used quite effectively as the basis of another book which deals specifically with marijuana prohibition.

There is not a complete overlap between Yes-Men and False Prophets. Yes-Men, for the most part, don't claim to speak for God. False Prophets, on the other hand, have little problem going around telling people they speak for God, or implying it. However, not all False Prophets make overt statements about speaking for God. They go around making proclamations about what the future holds, and generally, make pronouncements as to why events happened the way they did, or will happen the way they do.

False Prophets of Prohibition

The False Prophets of Prohibition are nearly identical to the False Prophets of ages gone by. False Prophets of Prohibition say things like "we can have a drug free America," and "we should have the goal of a drug free world."

There were False Prophets of Prohibition during the early 1900's, and the time leading up to alcohol prohibition, the 18th Amendment. They blamed the inanimate liquid, alcohol, for the world's ills. They claimed they could make an alcohol-free America, they prophesied that once everyone gave up alcohol the prisons and jails would be empty and could be used for other purposes like factories or storehouses

Must-Read Information
Potsdam University hosts some
excellent information on alcohol
and specifically prohibition.
To read the specifics of
many of the references used here,
like how many prohibitionists lied
and were proud of it,
specifics on who claimed what,
why alcohol prohibition fueled
thuggish behavior in the citizenry
and government officials, take the
time to browse that site. All of
the references there are cited.

They lied on purpose and were proud of it. They stressed their religious beliefs, acted like they were doing God's work, and said they were doing God's work, but were really doing the work of the devil. They slandered Germans, claiming they were Huns who ate like gluttons and drank like swine. They attacked Jews, Irish, Italians, Roman Catholics, and any other religion or culture which used alcohol.

They spread the evil lie from the devil that drinking alcohol is a sin. We can see this evil spirit in action today through the mouths of those claiming taxing alcohol is a "sin tax." And as the False Prophets of today, the equate all use as abuse.

Other lies the False Prophets of Prohibition of days gone by made included the claim that regular drinkers would spontaneously combust.  And, like the False Prophets of today, in tandem with the Holier-Than-Thou-Congregation, the High Priests of Assigning Permanent Shame, and Thug Addicts, they continue to force Absolute Abstinence Zero Tolerance policies on society.

Another thing the prohibitionists of today and yesteryear have in common is they force inaccurate teachings and evil lies on children; filling their heads with developmentally inappropriate teachings. Or as Jesus puts it, they force their beliefs and teachings on others, making them "twice as much children of hell as you are."


Do you hear people saying that anyone who tries ____________ will turn in to a ravenous addict? Do you hear people damning their souls by making claims that marijuana has no medical benefits or is Devil's Weed? Do you hear them prophecy the lie that crime will increase, although clearly demolishing the black market will greatly decrease crime? Do you hear them prophesy the lie that everyone who tries marijuana gets bored with it and moves on to cocaine and heroin? There are many other such evil spirits they give birth to through their lips.


False Prophets referenced in the Bible and False Prophets of Prohibition will receive the same punishment from God. And it's some of the strongest condemnation in the Bible.

Of all the groups actively promoting prohibition the False Prophets of Prohibition kick the goads the hardest, are probably be the ones with the most seared consciences, and least likely to repent; not even as they are flung in to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. [Revelation 19:20, 20:10-15, 21:8]

God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked, so don't be glad over their demise; they will get exactly what they deserve. Instead be glad we will be separated from them forever.