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Cops Say, "End the Violence. Legalize Drugs."

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sun, Aug 8, 2010 - 2:27 am


Thumbnail view of just one section of the handout Cops Say, "End the Violence. Legalize Drugs."
This handout shows one of the best reasons we need to end drug prohibition, it has created an amazingly lucrative black market.

An underground economy which people defend by killing, which people encroach on by killing. People rip each other off because they know the other party, most likely, will not go to the cops, and can't seek justice through the court system, so those disputes are "solved" by violence too.

Surely more people have died in turf battles than due to shooting up some unknown substance of unknown quality; both problems solved by ending the Drug War.


This is a great handout to give to the police you see. Tell them their lives are worth more than a bag of marijuana or cocaine or heroin or meth.

This handout can also be effective in areas plagued by gang violence. But most everyone will be able to understand the logic of this one.

icon Cops Say, "End the Violence. Legalize Drugs."