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LEAP Handouts

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sun, Aug 8, 2010 - 8:29 pm


Thumbnail view of one handout In this section (see links below) are six handouts made from official LEAP sayings. Each handout has its own page describing it. Each handout is one page and there are ten handouts per page. To make it easier to cut them out, there are faint gray lines between each handout.

Useful Tips

I encourage you to always have some on hand. Take them with you when you go on errands. Hand them out as you stand in line at the Post Office, the grocery store, etc… You do not need to engage everyone in conversation, you can just hand it to them and say, “Please visit our website.” [By ‘our’ you mean LEAP, since you will be speaking as a supporter.]

Each page has a brief description of the handout, but also includes some tips on who might appreciate that handout more than the other handouts. For example, “Cops Say End the Violence” and “U.S. Drug Laws are the Criminal Employment Act” are good ones to hand to the police since those sayings might resonate with them.

As far as being able to stand your ground against people who become hostile, this takes some practice, but note that most people will not be hostile; they are more likely to be intrigued or relieved to have met someone like you. Like you, they’ve long thought the Drug War is a complete failure, but due to the High Priests of Assigning Permanent Shame, the False Prophets of Prohibition, the Holier-Than-Thou-Congregation, Thug Addicts, Men (and Women) of Lawlessness, and the The Deceived they’ve kept their thoughts to themselves. However, due to your boldness, encouragement, and education, they too can be encouraged to affect the necessary change.

It’s good practice to readily acknowledge you don’t know all the answers, but you do know that ending the Drug War is what’s needed, and the only way to do that is Legalization, thus regulation and control. In the Objections to Ending Prohibition section is a catalog of objections people have, and reasoning to educate them. But not every argument put against Legalizers has been analyzed yet. Over time more will be added. In the mean time there are many websites which go into more detail, check out the Explore More block in the lower right side of each page for links.


These handouts are not “full bleed,” in other words there is a margin. The margins on these handouts are 0.6 inches. If printing them with the default settings doesn’t work, for example if the edges are cut off, then look in your printer settings for something like “shrink to fit,” or “scale down.”

You may also wish to conserve ink by printing them grayscale, and even reducing the amount of ink used. Just poke around your printer settings to locate those options.

Just so you know, I am just a regular member of LEAP, anyone can join LEAP. I am not a LEAP speaker; I do not speak for LEAP. If you haven't joined LEAP already, I encourage you to, it's free, although you can also become a paying member.

Not only do I encourage you to download the handouts here, and pass them out, but I also encourage you to donate some money to them and obtain a nifty pin you can wear, and get ahold of their t-shirt which states “Cops say legalize drugs. Ask me why.”