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The Law!

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sun, Apr 25, 2010 - 7:21 pm

Formerly “Lawbreakers!
To point out the accusations of accusers and just who they are accusing.

One of the claims you will hear people make, including Prohibitionists is, “we are a nation of laws” and it’s important for there to be “rule of law.”

As an underlying ideal, certainly that is important, but there are important points which they leave out as they bluster about the importance of laws. Namely that with a thought they make themselves judge, jury, and executioner over you and others, they write and/or support prohibitionism laws which they sign on to creating crimes out of thin air, then say that because we are under their power and authority we too have signed on to them!

They thwart rectifying the atrocious and expensive Drug War laws!

All the while trying to enact new ones! :-(

This behavior is not new. It’s in the Bible and Declaration of Independence.

Trying to help us learn from history, let us turn to non-religious documents as well as our Bibles.

From a Christian perspective, they seem to greatly overlook the fact many human laws are in direct opposition to God’s Law.  (i.e. witnesses, and many others detailed in the Biblical Quotes section.)

Second, from an areligious perspective, many laws enacted after the two primary Founding Documents — the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution — are in direct opposition to them, some “laws” actually bear an uncanny resemblance to the complaints outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

Third, intrinsic to prohibition is the creation of lawlessness. By putting something outside the law they automatically and arbitrarily manufacture lawlessness.  Read the specifics in the essay ‘Men (and Women) of Lawlessness.’

This section of the website will contain a series of essays, links, and references to the many “lawbreakers” throughout history who, in fact, were only “breaking” ignorant and evil human laws in an attempt to straighten the crooked, undo gross injustices, and set the unrighteously imprisoned free.   It will also contain other analysis and essays as appropriate.