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Monopolists in Miniature

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sun, May 24, 2009 - 6:45 am

Government runs nation’s only legal pot garden

As one would expect from a monopoly, there is plenty of rhetoric from them about why they should be the only ones in control of production, analyses, scientific and medical studies. Except unlike corporate monopolists which have seemingly taken over the country and world, these folks are puny, only supplying a small handful of patients with marijuana. Last I heard it was much under 20, more like under 10 people, in the whole U.S.

Want to see a video of the marijuana they so proudly claim is so great? Over at there’s a video on this page.

It’s also rather humorous to read the crazy lengths they go to, to create an air of hazard and protection, in guarding their “precious” marijuana plants. And their aging bales of confiscated marijuana.

It was also kind of predictable they would talk about the horrors (wrought by prohibition ironically) of people trying to grow plants with a stronger THC content. However, it was rather remarkable these supposed scientists made the claim of “overdose” being possible with marijuana. Now tell me again, how many deaths have there been due to too much marijuana? Hm… last I heard it was “None!” (Except for maybe plants sprayed with something designed to be toxic, by mean-spirited and misguided men or women.)

Humorously, they also claim users of the stronger marijuana “may experience dysphoria, a state of anxiety and irritability, and perhaps other ill effects.” Ha! Last I heard those feelings came from any number of things, like not being prepared for a test at school, a mean dog running up to you and barking its lungs out, a tree branch falling suddenly, etc… However, most people just adjust their behavior in anticipation next time, to avoid those feelings, case closed.