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“Only Doing Our Job”

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Mon, May 23, 2011 - 12:20 pm

As many have pointed out, it is hypocrisy for Drug Warriors to say they’re only doing their jobs, and act like it’s out of their hands, then later they dress in uniform, intimidate fellow citizens, and hand out prohibitionist propaganda.

What makes it even more despicable is there is a culture of anti-American and unconstitutional behavior — by people who swear to uphold the Constitution — which they steadily engage in, namely punishing those in their ranks who question our insane Drug War policies, or even speak out against it.

The point of this essay is to draw attention to the many other instances throughout history where people could have very easily have said the same, “don’t blame me, I’m only doing my job,” then put on a show of being humble (or not). These people need a wake up call; their ranks needs refining so we can see who is who.

And since many of them delude themselves that they are “doing God’s work,” trying to prevent Moral Decay, this essay ends with a peek of the future, courtesy of the Messiah, as to what they face.

Ancient Egyptian Priests

Perhaps the ancient Egyptians were the first culture to hold the belief their kings could “take it with them” to the afterlife. But not just their clothing, jewelry, artwork, boats, and other worldly goods, but they believed they could bring other people, so they made sure to bring their pets along, their concubines, and even some family members.

However, as you can probably guess, unless there is a really bad case of food poisoning, or plagues from the sky, the chances of all those people and pets dying at the same time is kind of rare.

So the scenario may have gone like this. High Priest Fubar, “Well, King {name-here} isn’t looking or feeling too well these days. Most of his burial chamber has been constructed and filled with treasure. Now it’s just a matter of time, wait here comes someone now.”

The Messenger, “The King is dead! He died this morning.” High Priest Fubar, “Hm, well the king will need a messenger in the after life so we’d better get you to him right away. I will now do my appointed duty. I will kill you to be with the King. I’m only doing my job.”

The other Priests talked among themselves, “tomorrow we’ll kill and begin mummifying his pets, then we’ll kill his concubines, then … phew, so much death and killing. But we’re only doing our jobs. We probably ought to round them up and put them behind bars in case they decide not to join our wonderful leader. We’re only doing our job.”

Religious Leaders Arrest Jesus and Condemn Him

“That Yeshua character sure has got the ear of all the people. He has insulted us over and over and made the low-life common people laugh at us! We must do something or the Romans will take away our homeland!”

So the religious leaders conspired to pay false witnesses who lied about Jesus.

“Phew, all this figuring out how to get rid of people we don’t like, but we’re only doing our jobs.”

Roman Soldiers Beat Jesus

So Jesus was condemned to be nailed to a cross of wood. But before that happened, he was beaten within inches of his life. Blood everywhere. Gaping wounds that made people — people with a conscience — grimace with pain just by looking at them. People looked at horror at those who beat him. The Roman soldiers looked back and said belligerently, “hey, we’re only doing what we were told to do. We’re only doing our jobs. Damn I love my job.”

Roman Catholic Inquisition

“How dare you believe something different from what Rome has ordained! You destroy your soul by doing so. You are worthy of death! We will imprison you! We will torture you! We will burn you alive!

“But don’t get angry at us, we’re only doing our jobs, we’re doing God’s will! Surely our descendants will do likewise."

Mayan Priests

“And now we will cut your chest open while you are still alive. Then we will hold your still-beating heart aloft in triumph. It will be very bloody. But you have no right to get angry at me, you are the loser, I am the victor, and everyone knows you must obey whomever the gods have put in control of the government! I am only doing my job!”

Slave Drivers

“You unproductive scum! How much time does you needs to pick a bunch of fluff from a pod?” (Whip goes ‘crack!’)

“I said ‘faster’ boy!”

“Now don’t you talk back to me you dirty neeegro; I’m only doin’ my job! You do yours and we can both gets along real good now. You hears me boy?! Ima talkin’ to you!” (Whip goes ‘crack!’)

“Damn I love my job.”

Mafia Thugs

“Ya see … Mr. Capone don’t like the fact he heard you were gonna complain about the protection money you been paying us. You should be thrilled we been protectin’ you for so longs now. But since weez been hearin’ you gonna snitch on us … well we wuz told to come teach you and your missus a lesson. So we have to beat you up now, you see? But don’t get mad at me, this is just my job; I’m only doing my job.”

Suicide Bombers

“Made my final video? Check. Posted my justification for killing and maiming others online? Check. Sent innocuous text message to my fellow soon-to-be-martyrs? Check. Strapped lots of explosives to myself? Check. Strapped lots of projectiles to myself to maximize destruction, pain, and death? Check. Ok, now to go do the will of God. Ahh, to be a martyr for Allah; I’m only doing my job.”

Drug Warriors & Prohibitionists

“We must continue to delude ourselves and others that we’re doing God’s work. Ok, everyone after me, ‘yes we know what we do has caused more drugs to be available to more people, yes we know that prohibition puts more guns on the streets and incites gang violence, yes we know that marijuana has medicinal properties among many other uses, and that peyote and mushrooms are non-addictive as well as having medicinal properties, yes we know that we could end overdose deaths overnight, yes we know our budget and personnel have exploded in size and continue on an unsustainable trajectory, yes we know we kidnap parents from their children and burden society to pay for it, yes we know all this, but we’re only doing our jobs. Repeat after me, we’re only doing our jobs. It doesn’t matter that we’ve destroyed societies around the world as well as our own. It doesn’t matter the constitution has been voided. It doesn’t matter … repeat after me, ‘I am only doing my job.’”

Angels of God

[Dramatized from Matthew 13:47-50]

“Ok, time to separate the wheat from the chaff, the good fish from the bad fish.

“Let’s see here, this one smashed in someone else’s house because he had a plant God made. Now that’s mean, toss him out. Hey here’s another that did the same but also killed the family pet. Oh no, here’s another one that shot a human dead because the human had flowers from a plant.

“Oh, here’s one that said she stood up for righteousness but spent most of her time trying to trick people into doing the very thing she claims to have hated, chuck that one in the fire.

“Don’t let that one flip back in the water, she worked hard to keep the elderly and others from being able to obtain pain medication … off to the place where they gnash their teeth with you! To be treated the way you’ve treated others.”

“I’m only doing my job, throwing out you stinky and bad fish.”

And if you want, you can read Jesus describing himself as doing this too.

Calling All Righteous Cops, Judges, Narcs, DEA, CIA, FBI, Marshals, Prison Wardens and Guards, etc... “Stand up and stand out! Speak up and speak out! Don’t join them.”