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Problems Christians Against Prohibitions Face

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sun, Feb 1, 2009 - 12:24 am

Some of the problems Christians Against Prohibition (and all drug policy reformers) face include:

  1. People do not hear what you say, but hear a pre-concieved conclusion they have jumped to.
  2. Accusations you’re a closet addict hoping for more drugs.
  3. Accusations you want everyone to be hopelessly addicted; they will accuse you of “sending the message” that ‘drugs are really cool man, everyone should be doing them.’
  4. Accusations of profiting from the sale of drugs.
  5. Accusations you think anything goes!
  6. Jokes that you dig PAR—TAYS!!!!
  7. The fact-ignoring notion which says all drugs are the same.
  8. The fact-ignoring notion which says any drug leads to a ravenous desire to ingest other drugs.
  9. The fact-ignoring notion which claims everyone will go around high all the time, incapable of doing anything but searching for more and more potent drugs.
  10. The fact-ignoring notion the government just hasn’t been tough enough.
  11. People toss you out with the bath-water. In other words, people find it easy to mistreat you because it’s easy for them to point to many misbehaviors of others who have called themselves Christians, whether they are or not. So you are summarily dismissed as a Christian kook who believes in fairy tales; fairly tales of a hateful god.
  12. Some in your church and community will gossip, mislead, and intentionally lie about you.
  13. Some in your church and community will not be able to have a normal conversation with you but be so confused as to harbor so much hatred they may — among other things — act really fake or perhaps immediately escalate emotions and accusations to heart-thumping levels,. (Try to stay calm and pray for them; don’t give into the temptation of the fighting and force they pay so much tribute to.)
  14. The organizations we belong to have been infiltrated by Prohibitionists and/or the Prohibitionist Mindsets.

(Please note all of that and more was prophesied — taking blame for others, it’s what Jesus did — and also note the irony that this rush to judgement and shallow thinking is the exact same thing they hate in others, so sad, pray for them too.)