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Repentance -- It's Mind Altering!

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Wed, Dec 23, 2009 - 3:52 pm

What is one of the biggest boogymen the intransigent Drug Warriors use to get people to be afraid of the smart thing to do (legalize and regulate drugs)?

They claim that drugs are mind altering. But as I have pointed out, everything can be mind altering.

Only the stubborn, or perfect, do not alter their minds. Perfect people do not need to change, they are perfect already, do you know any of them? Stubborn people refuse to think and consider new ideas, other options, other perspectives, do you know any of them? Typically, you can see it written all over their faces before you even try to share ideas with them.

Frankly, one of the most mind altering experiences there is, is repentance of one's sins and believing in God. Not only does it alter one's mind, but it (should) alter one's behavior too.

Here is where drugs, food, books, religion, the air we breathe, and the scenery we sense converge: not everyone reacts exactly like everyone else. One of the most fundamental aspects of our humanity and society has been buried and trodden upon, freewill. God gives us freewill. Most? Many? country's Founding Documents acknowledge this and (used to) protect citizens' right to exercise their freewill. However, various people have put themselves in the place of God and are forcing this abomination that's causing desolation on the world.

"Gee Mr. Thinking CAP, isn't calling drug prohibition, or likening it to, the 'abomination that causes desolation' a bit strong?" Well, you might not think so if you knew how many parents were crudely yanked from their families. You might see it as I do if you knew how many plants were ripped out of the ground and killed. You probably would see it as I do if you knew how many tons of herbicide were sprayed on the planet in an attempt to make various plants extinct. And I have a feeling your mind would change if you heard what is said by powerful people behind closed doors.

But, like Jesus says, nothing is hidden except to be made known later*, so what they said, all their plans, their hypocrisies will be 100% exposed. Hey folks, talking to you, this means it's better to "face the music" now rather than later! If you think you can "spin" God, you are in for a seriously unhappy surprise.

Repent! It's mind altering.

* Luke 8:17, Mark 4:22, Matthew 10:26