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"What About the 'Gateway Theory' That Says All Marijuana Users Go On to Hard Drugs?"

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sun, Mar 29, 2009 - 7:15 pm

Social Objection to Ending Prohibition

“What about the ‘gateway theory’ that says all marijuana users go on to hard drugs?”

Fact: this theory has been debunked over and over. Read this excerpt from Drug War Facts for numerous Ph.D. research disproving the so-called “gateway theory.”

Conclusion: the so-called “gateway theory” is nothing more than an attempt to make people afraid of marijuana, a slander that it will somehow cause insatiable interest in consuming any and every drug. That is a lie, it does not cause a person to want to try other drugs.

What are the real reasons the so-called “gateway theory” came in to being?

  • Some people tried marijuana and found it to be nothing like the fear mongers claimed. Those people supposed the fear-mongers were lying about other drugs and tried those out of curiosity, not due to something inherent in marijuana.
  • Due to drug prohibition, the black-market controls the sale of all illegal drugs. Since drug dealers, like every other for-profit enterprise, seem to only care about profits, they have a financial incentive to steer customers towards substances that bring them greater profits.

Also read this page at Drug War Distortions: Distortion 7: Gateway Theory.