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Why Make More Mind Altering Substances Available?

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sun, Mar 8, 2009 - 10:59 pm

Social Objection to Ending Prohibition

“No social justification for adding yet another mind-altering substance to the array of mind-altering substances that are available.”

You can read more in the short essay called, “Mind Altering Analysis,” but the main flaws with the reasoning above are:

  1. Drugs are already available.
  2. Keeping them illegal prevents us from knowing who is using them.
  3. Keeping them illegal encourages the rebellious to gravitate to them to irritate authority.
  4. Keeping them illegal puts them in the hands of kids, which then makes it easier for them to get in the hands of other kids.
  5. Food, and Information are mind altering.
  6. The social justification is not, as slanderously implied, to encourage drug use, but to:
  • Keep from throwing money and lives away in prisons.
  • Let folks who want treatment obtain it without fear of imprisonment.
  • Acknowledge that marijuana (at least) has many benefits to society in the healthcare field, industrial use, and various others.
  • Let folks out of prison who do not belong there!