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U.S. to Rape Victims and Loved Ones, "We Care More About Hunting Down and Locking Up Every Last Drug User Than Your Alleged Rape."

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Thu, Aug 27, 2009 - 5:10 pm

Why should rape victims care about drug policy? Why should the families of rape victims, or potential rape victims, care about drug policies?

Do you care about women? Do you care about women's rights? Did you know that many rapists don't just rape one woman, but often rape others too?

Human Rights Watch

In their press release dated 2009-03-31, "US: Los Angeles County Should Test Thousands of Rape Kits," Human Rights Watch quotes from their report, "Testing Justice." They found 12,669 rape kits had been untested.

Of these 12,669 untested kits, at least 1,218 are from unsolved cases in which the attacker was a stranger to the victim. And 499 kits are attached to cases past the 10-year statute of limitations for rape in California, making it impossible to prosecute the alleged assailants even if they were to be identified. Under California law, if those 499 kits had been opened within two years of the attack, the statute would no longer apply. Thousands more rape kits were destroyed untested.


At their website you can read more details and watch some video.

Your Limited Tax Dollars at Work

Ask yourself this, "which is a real crime?" Raping someone or smoking a joint with some friends? Where would you rather your tax dollars be spent? Training and hiring people to process rape kits, or buying munitions to invade and trash other countries and our own? Killing family pets and innocent victims in the process.

In February 2009, Kathleen Parker, at the Washington Post wrote a story, "Snap, Crackle, Pot," in which she points out a Human Rights Watch report from 2008. Ms. Parker wrote "as many as 400,000 rape kits containing evidence were sitting unopened in criminal labs and storage facilities." With nearly 12,000 rape kits unopened in Los Angeles alone (Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office).


NOW, on PBS, recently re-aired a show they first ran 2009-04-24, entitled "Justice Delayed," where they delve in to this disturbing issue. You can watch this episode on the website. Stinging Side Note

Those signing the checks say, "so sorry ladies. Our War on Drugs is more important than you. Funding our enormous and ever-expanding War on Drugs and the Prohibition Industrial Complex takes precedence over your feelings and alleged rape. Just try to put it out of your mind that whoever allegedly raped you is probably prowling for others too.

"As long as there are fewer victims of rape than the large crowds of self-righteous chest-thumpers who hate marijuana, mushrooms, peyote, and other all natural, unadulterated plants — and the intelligent ending of drug prohibition in general — we've got to continue to ignore you because, frankly, it costs a lot to prosecute this War on Drugs."

Final Notes

Reasons and benefits of ending Drug Prohibition abound on this website. You can find much more information at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, and Drug War Facts. Also see the links in the sidebar under "Explore More" for even more relevant links.

Let's Pray…

Heavenly Father, please comfort those who have been raped. Please lead the rapists to repentance so they rape no more. Please bless our leaders with the wisdom to end the religion of hate against the plants you put here for us. Please help those who indulge too much in any of your blessings to the point where it harms them. Please help us help others who reach out to us for help instead of trying to beat them into submission by forcing our wills on them. Please motivate people to write their elected leaders, talk to neighbors, and more, to end this War on Drugs quickly and intelligently.



Raped at 13, victim fights to eliminate rape kit backlog

Be sure to read it, there are quite a few statistics in the article.

But there is still a serious disconnect between our hundreds of billions of dollars per year we waste on the Drug War(s), and the many injustices that sit waiting for resolution.

Ironically one of those injustices is the "crime" of growing plants God gave us and imprisoning people for it.

It is not an affront to God to grow plants, but it sure is to imprison them for it!