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PBS NewsHour Reports on "Drug Lord" Job Opening and that Mexico Too is Crushing Citizens' Rights

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Fri, Dec 18, 2009 - 2:57 am

In this PBS NewsHour segment they report on a few news items, mostly inspired by the recent killing of a "drug lord," a "drug kingpin," Arturo Beltran Leyva.

I have a slightly longer write-up about this segment coming soon (link null for now), "Drug Lord" Job Opening in Mexico. But the key things to look for in this video are:

  • Killing is never a victory! [Ezekiel 18:32]
  • 2:50 Mexico is crushing its citizens' rights too, not just the U.S. They show a grandmother who is upset she is stopped so often, and treated like a criminal who needs to be searched incessantly.
  • 1:40 The irony that the commander of the force sent to destroy a small marijuana crop is smoking a tobacco cigarette. (Nicotine is on the opposite end of the spectrum from marijuana on nearly every factor of addiction.)
  • 2:00 The soldiers are probably not complaining about their free smoke-fest as they incinerate hundreds of plants from a few feet away, smoke billowing.
  • 2:25 Cops drive around town with many weapons in their car's front seat.
  • "Many Mexicans complain that the army operations have not stopped the violence and trafficking," and resulted in other human rights abuses.

There's an easy answer to this! Do what we did to end the corruption, torture, violence, murders, and deaths due to impure alcohol during the madness that was alcohol prohibition, legalize and regulate. Be sure to visit Law Enforcement Against Prohibition to learn it from a Law Enforcement perspective. Stick around this website and learn it from a religious perspective. Check out the "Explore More" block in the right-hand sidebar and learn it from many other perspectives.

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Mexican Drug Lord Killed in Bloody Shootout

Judy Woodruff introduces this tough topic and is perhaps worried I am going to write yet another email to the NewsHour reminding them this Drug War is failing and always will fail.

This is 2009 and if you check out the "More Links" section below you will see some reporting they did back in 2002 on this issue. Why does it seem our leaders are hell bent on making things worse by following this same destructive path?

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This evil Drug War sure seems to be the fulfillment of Daniel 7:7, it's crushing everything. It's crushing the U.S. Founding Documents, it's crushing other country's Founding Documents, it's crushing God-given freedoms, it's calling killing "victory," it's created "civil" servants who do not serve the people, it's brought an addiction to money, power, and corruption that is exponentially worse than any drug addiction. It ensures kids have easy access to drugs by ensuring kids deal drugs.

Given what I know about marijuana prohibition, I have to admit that Mexico hating and destroying marijuana reminds me of a story I heard about a black woman who was so ashamed of her dark skin she often took baths in water and bleach, outrageous. It also sounds like what I wrote about Colombia's Stockholm Syndrome.