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Wanted: God, for Creating Illegal Plants!

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Wed, May 20, 2009 - 12:19 am

Those who know better than God are on the hunt for him!

God is in trouble because he created plants that are illegal! God is also accused of trafficking in illegal plants and propagating them in a plot using cute little birds younger than 3 years old!

Those who hold themselves to be morally superior to God are supposedly trying to locate God, but will they ever find him?

They are aiming to convict him and put him in prison! Putting God in prison is going to COST A LOT OF MONEY! Printing presses are standing by to make money.

Jesus Christ Co-Conspirator

Jesus Christ is also wanted as a “person of interest” and a co-conspirator to be held for questioning.

Even though there is no photo available of God, they do have an artist’s rendering of Jesus you can refer to.

However, many Christians are keen to note that Jesus will not be found on earth, he will descend from above. And ain’t no one gonna miss it. [Mark 13:19-27]

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God Wanted Cannabis

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This is a very funny video!


The video listed on this page has a improved version in HD at thiss address.

HD Cannabis Conspiracy

WANTED For the production and distribution of illegal plants!
GOD No photo available

Claims to have created everything, including all illegal plants.
We have evidence in writing, "I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of earth", Genesis, the Bible.

Also wanted as a person of interest and co-conspirator Jesus Christ.
Claims to be son of God and a religious cult leader, sought for interview in regard to knowledge of Fathers activities. Already nailed to the cross once, reports suggest he may have risen again.
Report sightings to 1800 POLICESTATE

HD Cannabis Conspiracy

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