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We Love Religion, But Not Forcing It On Others!

I urge the United States of America to not force religion on citizens. I urge my fellow citizens not to force religion — or abstinence from — on each other. Currently our government is not following its own Constitution, particularly the 1st Amendment. In the Constitution’s First Amendment, it states the government shall not create, impose, or force religious beliefs on the citizens.

The government has been perverted to impose a cruel, immoral, expensive, illegal, unconstitutional, and un-Biblical Evil Religion of Hate against cannabis, mushrooms, peyote, and other all-natural, unadulterated plants; but the most torturous wrath has been directed against the people who use them. And especially so against current racial minorities and the poor, thus helping to expose the racist hatred and ignorance at the roots of Prohibition.

This government-imposed religion is yet another failed attempt by the self-righteous to lord authority over others. But what happens each time they try to control everyone? It fails. They instantly create rebels, turning relatives and neighbors into criminals through judgementalism and the stroke of a pen. Greed seizes the opportunity for quick cash and tax-free deals. Turf battles ensue. Battles escalate. Law enforcement escalates. Privacy and rights erode; we’re guilty until proven innocent. Government and industrial corruption becomes systemic. Battles multiply. Deaths multiply. Taxation and spending increase; infrastructure: physical and Constitutional crumble. Deaths multiply and the Prohibitionists end up creating and promulgating forms of Moral Decay far worse and more prolific than drugs in a re-legalized and regulated system.

It was recently pointed out on a very conservative religious show how for many years they have been trying to work their beliefs in to laws, and to elect even presidents to do their religious bidding. But they were quite upset with how Bush handled things.

I was upset at the thought of people shoving their religion on others long before G. W. Bush was elected! (Just review history!) It is against both the Constitution and the example, Jesus, who did not tell us to force religion on others.

Related to this issue is the religion of greed. I hate greed. Just like Drug Prohibition has caused a myriad of unfortunate and deadly consequences, greed too has brought the USA and world to a ruinous state.

End this religion of greed, forcing indebtedness on others! Greed is also a driving force behind Prohibition, greedy politicians and corporations pushing their own drugs, and greedy black-market drug dealers pushing theirs!

President Barack Obama, end this cruel, immoral, expensive, illegal, unconstitutional, and un-Biblical Evil Religion of Hate! You must end the Drug War and the only way to do that is by bringing all drugs back into the realm of law, de facto removing the overwhelming majority of drugs from the state of lawlessness that Drug Prohibition has caused.

Learn from history, reality, and truth: lawlessness does not always arise from a state of no laws, although it can; but lawlessness always arises in a state of too many, too complex, and/or too strict laws.

In the name of the Amen,



By not ending it, Obama is the biggest hypocrite of all!

As far as the title goes, I feel no one should be forced to listen to "witnessing" forced upon them. Live your life right, and if someone asks, then tell them. I do not feel like casting my pearls before swine, as referred to the Bible! But, I also know a lot of people who have been fed false doctrine, including the Baptists. When it comes to alcohol, their claim that it is forbidden in the Bible, is not factually correct! True Christians are temperance people, not prohibitionists. Even the Temperance movement was hijacked back in the early 1900's. Why did they think they could prohibit alcohol when God did not even attempt to do so? It did not work out so well then, either! It happens, to be, that a member, of the Women's Christian Temperance League, was involved in leading the country out of alcohol prohibition!

Too many have forgotten that Christians are not perfect, either. The only way God can see us is through the perfection that the sacrifice of His Son's blood supplied for us. Salvation was given to us. I am one of those who believes that if you believe the story about Jesus, you are one of His. All sins can be forgiven. Except denying the Holy spirit. That is because if you don't listen to the leading of the spirit, you might just end up not believing. Thus, you condemn yourself. The only "unforgivable" sin!

Amazing , isn't it. It leaves a lot of room for God to "forgive us our trespasses"! There should be fewer sins, while living a Godly life. But, we (none of us), are perfect. We do falter in our walk..

I feel no one should be forced to listen to "witnessing" forced upon them.
You described it very well. Like you point out later, the Holy Spirit can move us and let us know when it's a good time to speak (or not), and what to say.

But there are quite a few people who haven't bridled their enthusiasm with intelligence, and they use their tongues to whip others to get on the path, even though they themselves are not on it.

To me this points to the prophecies near the end of Luke 12.

Jesus does warn against his believers being drunk, however, my impression is Jesus is more concerned about those drunk with power vs. those drunk with alcohol. Of course I am not saying Jesus advises getting drunk on liquid alcohol, but anyone familiar with the NT Gospels realizes Jesus drank alcohol, but also realizes that Jesus' fiercest rage was against those in authority, those drunk with it.

So even though they may be teetotalers who avoid alcohol, never smoked a joint, don't take aspirin, etc… if they claim to follow Jesus, but beat the servants, thump their chests over how righteous they are, wish executions for drug dealers, etc… they are cruisin' for a bruisin'.

Everyone brings up the Constitution’s First Amendment when it talks about forcing religious beliefs on the citizens, and everyone forgets the other little part, "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".

Christians that are truly against the prohibition of cannabis are afraid to take back the unalienable right given to us from our Creator. The free exercise of using all seed-bearing plants to consume. Would I want to consume poison sumac, heck no, but the government has no right forcing the prohibition of it either.

We that understand this are trumped by the government that wants to create a billion, if not trillion, dollar black market. They continue to spread disinformation and misinformation to the conservatives and so we find ourselves at odds with our Christian brothers and sisters on the subject. This is a stumbling block for our weaker brothers and sisters. To fight against this travesty under the banner of Christianity causes us to offend them when in fact the responsible moderate use of these gifts of God is fine as long as we give thanks and keep it primarily between ourselves and God.

The government's law is at odds with God's law when it comes to seed-bearing plants. Take the power back!

You guys are ridiculous. You are using the argument that because you are not allowed to indulge in using harmful substances the government is being hypocritical?! Wake up and smell the peyote. You are completely uneducated if you believe this would stand up in any court, let alone congress.

Thanks for laugh. Actually it seems you have a few basic assumptions that are wrong:

  • Not all illegal drugs are harmful.
  • Those which are harmful are made more harmful due to prohibition.
  • Not all drug use is drug abuse. Similar to the fact that not everyone who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic.
  • That you think you have any right to go beyond friendly advice as to what another adult puts in his/her body; that you think it is justified to lock people up and screw them over because you disagree with what another adult puts in his/her body.
  • Yes, the people who bullied our govt. to adopt un-constitutional laws are being hypocrites against the very founding documents of the USA and the Bible.
  • Others know more than me about this point, but apparently the laws on which drug prohibition rests were never meant for such efforts, and even contradict other stances our government has taken with regard to prohibition. Search and other drug policy reform organization's websites for "interstate commerce."
  • Last but not least, let's turn to the Bible.
  • Scripture clearly mentions this evil prohibition against God's plants by the Holier-Than-Thou Congregation.
  • Please take a look at a number of other essays and polls to figure out how uneducated I am, then report back to me with specifics please. Just saying I am "completely uneducated" is, frankly, uneducated. Since clearly I can set up a website, and speak in a coherent manner. Here are some simple essays to inspect to do some introspection:
  • Finally if you are a religious person I highly suggestion you check out the Old Testament and the concept of "usury." It's mentioned in many places, both in "the law" and by raging prophets.
  • Be sure to checkout the FRONTLINE documentary which shows it from an areligious angle.
  • Here's more information which points out that "payday" loan interest rates are beyond usury if there is such a measure, slavery perhaps.

Bottom line? You are mistaken on many issues.

(In fairness, perhaps the link you provided is not to your website, but just something you typed in to make me think so, thus I removed the link to the website.)

Thanks for sharing an enlightening blog. With regards to religion, we should respect what others what to believe in and besides we have our freedom in choosing a religion.

Every country is founded and based on some religious beliefs. Our was. So I am surprised that you are so upset and fighting those same religious beliefs. And it doesn't matter if you are talking about pot or cigs both are bad just one is "legal" and the other isn't. They all should be illegal. Just because they are here on the earth doesn't mean Heavenly Father meant for us to smoke them. And don't get me started on the legal perscription drugs, man made and harmful if abused.

Clearly you chose to completely ignore every point I raised in my previous reply. Why? Too tough to face the truth?

You are wrong in these other ways:

  • Not every country was founded on religious beliefs.
  • The ultimate good foundation for a successful society is now completely ignored for the most part, and does not require anyone to believe in any god: The Golden Rule.
  • As is often the case many religions are puppets to those in power. Take the first gun-toting invaders of the western hemisphere; mainly it was people seeking wealth, including some amazingly bloodthirsty men with gold lust, fully supported by the Roman Catholic Church.
  • The quaint religious folks who moved to North America, based on my understanding, just wanted to worship as they chose, perhaps share it with interested parties, but certainly not force it on others. But as time progressed, thugs rose up and took over, thus making these pacifists look like thugs.
  • See all the bullet points in my previous post which you have completely ignored.

Please itemize which religious beliefs you think I am fighting. My guess is that you will ignore this as you've ignored my previous post.

Clearly you have no concept of the ramifications of prohibition. You have NO RIGHT to demand other adults abstain from activities where they are only involving themselves or another consenting adult. Clearly you have overlooked many important lessons from Bible. How many times did Jesus say we are to gain political power and force our personal perspectives of religion into law? How many lashes did Jesus say we are to give others who don't think or act like us?

If you think they are bad, then let them be that way for you. May you never have access to what you deny others.

But just as this essay states, the hatred of God's Green Earth and the plants it contains is an EVIL RELIGION OF HATE. And I can tell you now that those who trash it, rape it, and overpopulate it will find themselves on the sorry end of their own behaviors.

What we are trying to do is straighten our crooked government, being bent beyond reason by thug addicts. Bring down the religious thugs who spit in Jesus' face and are hell bent on trying to force their version of the Old Testament Law into our government, and we are trying to help the people who have been unrighteously shamed, abused, imprisoned, spied on and stalked by sick minds who think they are doing God's will.

Haven't you read what Jesus said about those in charge of God's vineyard? Matthew 21, Mark 12, Luke 20.

All of the plants currently under this EVIL RELIGION OF HATE have beneficial uses. But just like cars, horses, airplanes, your own body parts, computers, the air we breathe and the water we drink, it can be misused. But just because something has the possibility of being used in ways you do not like, is no reason to prohibit it. Judge right judgement, as Jesus said.

Those who bury the information of how these plants are beneficial, which includes you I guess, will find themselves in this situation: Matthew 25, the parable of the talents.

EVIL people have hidden the truth and influence (inter)national media to not report on the benefits of marijuana and the benefits of other vilified plants, they bury this information, and they even literally bury these plants! Jesus' prophecies speak directly to this! But the deaf, dumb, and blind, religious hypocrites continue to ignore Jesus. Read Matthew 25 and see for yourself what happens to those who do not repent of this evil behavior of theirs.

And even if you think it was not God who made these plants, but the Devil, I still encourage you to read it, because the "wicked, lazy servant" readily admits "I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed." What does this mean? It means that even if God did not make those plants — which I patently disagree with — God still takes those plants as his own and gives them to those of us who believe in him. I write as much in this essay: The Evil Lie Purporting That Marijuana is "Devil's Weed."

"And don't get me started on the legal perscription drugs, man made and harmful if abused."
You are also wrong here too.

  1. Not everyone who "abuses" them is harmed.
  2. They can be harmful and deadly to those who do not "abuse" them. Thousands? Tens of thousands? of people die every year who were NOT "abusing" them, but taking them as their doctors prescribed.
  3. Many? Most? of those pills are not man-made, they are merely human-refined. Many? Most? of those pills find their origins in plants and animals.

Please, do your homework!