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Woman Buys Marijuana for Sick Aunt, Looses Job

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Wed, Mar 18, 2009 - 5:10 am

Police dispatcher fired for buying pot says she did right thing

Marijuana was for sick aunt suffering from breast cancer, she says,0,5756031.story

Yet another sorrowful tale of someone who had no wish to use marijuana herself, but was emotionally distraught over her aunt who, suffering from cancer, underwent a double mastectomy.

Laura Llanes described her aunt as

“sick constantly, not eating, not having an appetite. She is diabetic. She has to eat. She was whittling away to nothing.

“I thought I will get her some marijuana so it would get her to eat. It worked.”

However, sorry to say that even though the fact is firmly established that marijuana offers numerous benefits to people undergoing cancer treatment, and many other illnesses, forces acting on our government, and forces within our government are denying these people relief from their suffering.

Fortunately, there is a bill which was introduced in the Indiana legislature calling for allowing the medicinal use of marijuana in a three-year test program. However, greed, fear, and the desire to control others is going to be a hurdle.

Please pray for Laura and her aunt; and for the legislators of Indiana to do the right thing and pass the law allowing the test program, and even to pass another law banishing the illegal, unconstitutional, unbiblical, and immoral laws against marijuana.