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I just love this site

Submitted by Jimbo on Sun, Aug 9, 2009 - 1:08 pm

I have used this GOD MADE herb for the better part of my life and it has always, without fail, helped me with my problems of depression and anxiety, not to mention what it's it's done for me mentally and spiritually.

I have always felt in my heart that God placed this wonderful herb on this planet for a reason and have always felt conflicted by what our government claims they know about it and what real world experience has taught me.

Living in the "bible belt" my entire life and seeing first hand how hypocritical churches are towards cannabis, also, how the church has aligned it's self with the government's hypocritical propaganda that has been forced down our throats via. bias media and in our schools as well.

As a born again Christian, who has seen first hand how God moves through you with his grace, I know in my heart that he made this herb with people like me in mind and for this reason, I have to fallow my heart and not give in to the mass hate teachings of the world around me.

Anyway, ...I just found this site today and I am going to take it as a sign from God as he knows how long I have felt so alone in my beliefs and to find this site, on a Sunday morning, nun the less, I haven't felt this close to him in a long time.

Thank you my lord Jesus...thank you!!!

All I want to know now is, where can I find an actual church here in GA that also shares these beliefs and how can I get this sites info out to all my friends? Do y'all have any printable fliers? Are you guys planning on hitting the streets to share your teachings?

I want to help, what can I do?

Thanks guys,

Jimbo, thank you for your compliments. I am glad along with you that you found this site and like it.

I too lived in the deep south, for about 12 or 13 years.

I agree, there is a "brand" of religion that's remarkably harsh and unforgiving. In fact, it was such overbearingly harsh philosophies I heard from at least one of them, that made me sit down and really read the whole Bible. I'd been a partial consumer before that. :-) I was not swayed to their interpretations.

Please take some time to view the website of the Interfaith Drug Policy Initiative. They have been working hard to coalesce major religious organizations in a number of areas of drug policy reform.

There are more than a few position statements they've published by many of the big name denominations. Also watch this video: Clergy Speaks Out Against War on Drugs.

Jimbo Asks:

All I want to know now is, where can I find an actual church here in GA that also shares these beliefs and how can I get this sites info out to all my friends? Do y'all have any printable fliers? Are you guys planning on hitting the streets to share your teachings?

I want to help, what can I do?

For the most part, for the time being, most of my efforts have gone into organizing and picking apart the Drug Warrior weapons they use to beat others on the head. But you can also see a number of other items have been posted.

Since you've taken the time to register, you should see a link at the bottom of most pages, "Printer-friendly version." You can use that to reload the page without the sidebars and other extraneous stuff.

But I can see you've given me some homework to do! :-) I have to admit that publishing online is more to my liking than print, mainly so I can update the pages later since I am my own editor.

For the time being I don't have any lists of individual churches who are friendly to the cause.

Since I don't really think I have a personally compelling story, like the Wizard of Oz I've stayed behind the curtain and tried to keep any focus off of individuals who may or may not be involved with this website. :-) "This isn't about me," as the line goes. :-) However, my Dad is getting Alzheimer's and it pisses me off this EVIL DRUG WAR has ignorantly stunted our knowledge of the amazingly useful cannabis plant which seems to hold promise for, at least, people in his condition! But apparently the Drug Warriors prefer he loose his memories and mind, that he becomes a huge cost burden on my mom and society, and force my mom to hold a funeral for him while he's still alive, an often recommended "treatment" for those who love — and have to still take care of — folks with Alzheimer's.

However, we know Jesus said [Luke 8:16-17] that "nothing is hidden, except to be made known later," so I am under no delusion the person or people behind CAP will be more visible over time. :-)

As far as hitting the streets… When I go out to run errands and such, I wear my LEAP t-shirt. No CAP shirts yet. (Currently the website runs off of a $5/mo host, so that's why it's so darn slow. Although this is a non-profit site, it's not registered as such with the government, so I have not attempted to solicit donations. Also, I'd rather give than take.)

I graduated with a degree in education. One of the things I like about the Internet is it's always available and ready to help those in the "teachable moment." People searching for various information are directed to this website.

Another reason I've focused on this site instead of knocking on doors, is the advice from Proverbs 27:17 (NIV),

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

I'm still sharpening my iron. :-) Not only do I believe writing for the anonymous (or not) visitor can be helpful to them, it's very helpful for me to get my ideas straightened out, to figure out where my lack of information lies, etc…

However, like the chick in the egg, or the baby in the womb, I can sense it's about time to "break out" and be more overtly public.

I have spent many years doing page-layout and I love InDesign, so I am not against making fliers. But my first thought is there needs to be a range of them, to try to reach the various stages of acceptance of the need to end prohibition.

What to do? What God's spirit leads you to do. :-)

  • Broach the subject with others. Depending on how confident you feel, bring up the subject with others. Start slow, with people who agree with you, and try out some "role playing" as though one of you was a prohibitionist. This is the iron-sharpens-iron parallel.
  • Read what I've written here about the Objections to Ending Prohibition, where I've already listed quite a few statements by the prohibitionists, and picked them apart.
  • LEAP has quite a few videos and audio recordings where they've presented, been interviewed, or debated others. You can learn a lot from them.
  • Be prepared for serious head-beatings from the prohibitionists. When they try to drag you personally into the discussion, my suggestion is to avoid it, "this is not about me," and stick to the larger issues.
  • When you hear from the prohibitionists various logic, analyze the assumptions of the logic on which their statement(s) rest; often they are founded on false assumptions. False assumptions like "kids don't get their hands on drugs now," and that "marijuana is a gateway drug," or "God hates marijuana, mushrooms, etc…" or that God told us to legislate our personal views on others one way, or another.
  • Keep the line open with me. Yeshua said that if two or more agree on something and pray for it in my name, they'll have it. [Matthew 18:18-20] I have a number of prayers in the wings, just kind of waiting for the right time and right person/people to pray them with. And on the other hand, I am available to act as prayer support for you and others.