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Fear-Spreaders, Devoid of Reason

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Fri, Mar 5, 2010 - 3:16 pm

Fear is nothing but the failure to use the help that reason gives. When you lack the confidence to rely on reason, you give in to fears caused by ignorance.

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Although this is from a series of books regarded by many scholars as less inspired (or not "inspired" at all), those books still hold some interesting reading and nuggets of truth like this one.

Solomon pegs the Drug Warriors (front-line fighters, and dress-wearers who egg them on) with this saying.

They use outlandish and contradictory logic to get the populace to be afraid. They use all the false prophecies used in the past to create fear, like the false prophecies promoted before and during alcohol prohibition. This is also very similar to how the hateful racists said society would collapse if the slaves were freed, or allowed to marry, or etc…

They really should read the Bible, their fate is far worse than someone who takes too much liking to a plant (or plant concentrate), far worse than even the person caught with an unregulated substance carrying a "minimum sentence." Y'all need to repent. It's not too late… yet.

The advice for my religious family is this, Jesus has said you will stand at the Gates of Hell and it will not prevail against you. (Matthew 16:18) For the moment I don't have time to do a "proof" of that interpretation, but yes, Jesus also says that some of us will have to face them, not just listen to their evil lies through the media.

They will use their sick and twisted "logic" when the attack you, using sayings that assume lies, built on deceit, just like this, "have you stopped beating you wife yet?"

We also have to be strong because the Evil Thug Addicts are spreading their money on lots of slander campaigns and mad scientists to concoct outlandish results. Won't they be so surprised when they find themselves being treated just like they treated others?!