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Your Treatment of Others Becomes Your Reward

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Thu, Mar 25, 2010 - 6:30 pm

Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.

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Jesus (NIV)

How do you live your life and interact with others? How have you treated the planet? Do you follow the Golden Rule; treating others the way you want to be treated?

Are you somehow above the law because you have lots of money to lavish on the politically powerful, those who carry guns as part of their job, or others in government positions that can sell you official documents?

Are you somehow above the law because you think no cost is too high in order to stamp out the things you don’t like? [John 16:1-3] Do you lead people in to temptation in order to trap them?

Do you overlook an offense? [Proverbs 19:11] Or you do go around looking for offenses? [Luke 6:41-42 Matthew 7:3-5]

Do you live to bring accusations? [Revelation 12:10] Or do you feed others with the truth in order to set them free? [John 8:31-45]

No doubt some folks think they’ve paid their indulgence fees to cover their butts and get them in heaven. But who was it Jesus said had given more? [Luke 21:1-4] The widow who dropped her last two pennies in the temple treasury, or the rich people who gave huge sums? I know the lies of liars who say those of us trying to get those out of prison who do not deserve to be there, and those of us trying to help the sick and suffering, are some how extravagantly wealthy with the money of humans, HA!

I have a feeling that Reverend Dean Becker will fight until the day he dies, and spend his last cent, to get the many undeserving of prison, out of prison! And if you know the story of retired Chief Deputy U.S. Marshall Matthew Fogg you know he spent his last cent (or darn near did), lost the respect of his family and friends, got kicked out of his house and put out on the street as a result of this immoral Evil Religion of Hate which is based on racism, illogic, lies, corruption, greed, hatred of the Constitution, and hatred of God. They are not the only ones fighting the good fight; not taking up arms, but using God’s Holy Spirit. There are many more scriptural references in both the Old Testament and New Testament that predicted this would happen and offer support for them, but I'll leave those for another day.