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U.S. Trains More Future Cartel Members to Murder Mexicans and Fight Us

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Mon, May 17, 2010 - 4:13 pm

U.S. border police train Mexicans for drug fight

As though the violence in Mexico was not enough, the U.S. is apparently training more Mexican drug warriors in military tactics. This seems to be nothing more than a berserk effort to aid the cartels.

When the cartels locate the recent trainees and "ask" them if they'd rather join them and become rich, or end up decapitated and in a ditch wearing women's underwear with insulting slogans carved in their bodies, what do you think they'll choose?

Hey U.S.! Wasn't it so great y'all trained Los Zetas? Here's what Jesus and some OT prophets said, paraphrased, hey you brood of vipers, you do nothing but give birth to even more vipers! Yes, your violent behaviors beget violence! Your insane drug policies have given birth to insane drug cartels.

Just keep on building up your eternal reward! Never humbling yourselves, never admitting you've done wrong or made mistakes, always searching for more powerful weapons to crush others, slaying (or jailing) an always increasing number of scapegoats "to make examples of!"

Drink up you drunken blood drinkers! Why learn from Gandhi's use of peace to conquer violence? Why learn from Jesus' life of love to conquer death?

Keep on conning Obama and the press ("The training program is part of a pioneering effort…" ha lol!) to shove us even deeper in debt to fight this war we can never win! Spend the next 1000 generations into a debt so deep they will live every day of their lives cursing your belief that war is the answer to life's problems.

Oh, and by the way, if you think you are on the side of "righteousness" I have some news for you, you're not!