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Oldspaper Clippings from 1993

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sat, May 22, 2010 - 5:10 pm

One of the biggest problems of prohibition, which also seems to be happening in other areas of life, is some people refuse to learn from history; and also some people actively prevent learning from history.  They seem to be convinced if they can just hush-up, shame, ignore, kill, stigmatize, etc… people with opinions that differ from theirs, victory will be had. 

Here are some oldspaper clippings from 1993.  Saved because obviously the horrors, lies, waste, and needless deaths were a concern to me back then.  But, like many of us I guess, other cares of the world and my attention to my job, pushed all this on the back burner.  It’s sadly ironic to read these, because it’s nearly the exact same cries we hear currently, except the numbers have exploded!  It is so sad that those in power have continued to turn a deaf ear, hardened their hearts, and continued with failure! All because they care more about the praise, and donations, of humans, not the praise of God!

It is my fervent prayer that people realize the call to end the War on Drugs is NOT new.  These articles are not the first that appeared. (Want some history?)  But they are the oldest ones I have; nearly 20 years old now!  If you want a much better and newer stream of “clippings,” I advise you to go over to the Media Awareness Project, and check out their Drug News feed.

Also read the Drug War Chronicle.

This section will contain scans of the articles I found.