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Psychopathic Thug Addicts Terrorize Innocent Family in the Name of Drug War

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Fri, Jul 9, 2010 - 4:51 pm

Proving that the USA does not corner the market on Thug Addiction and the Evil Religion of Hate, spurned on by the High Priests of Assigning Permanent Shame, the Holier-Than-Thou-Congregation, and the False Prophets of Prohibition, law enforcement in Canada terrorized 4 of their citizens (and their dog) for a few hours, subjecting them to all the humiliation and degradation possible.

Why? The cops convinced a judge to issue a search warrant to send one dozen police officers to terrorize them because at various times in the past, a cop thought he smelled marijuana coming from their house.

So let's see, because they thought they smelled marijuana growing in or near the house, they were able to dress themselves up in weaponry probably reminiscent of what is used to go after terrorists in foreign lands, get a serious adrenaline high due to sneaking around,

Societies can benefit greatly from police. What we DO NOT need is to empower them to fight this Evil Religion of Hate (Drug War).

This is not unique; untold numbers of people have been terrorized by "Peace Officers" who barged in to the wrong address, destroyed property, killed people, killed pets, and most of the time they don't apologize; then evil forces in government pat them on the back and say "they were just doing their job."

Home raided on whim of a whiff

Cops storm residence after wrongly surmising source of marijuana odour
The link is dead, but UTTERLY NEEDLESS tragedies continue to happen because we continue to be dominated by those Sitting in the Seat of God who make themselves everyone's overlord.

These kinds of tactics have their roots in the mindset that if you can just make marijuana seem evil enough and blast on people with these kinds of terrorist tactics, it will condition people to hate marijuana.

But instead it has the opposite effect. It makes citizens think that law enforcement officers are damned psychopathic and sociopathic terrorists. It does not create any or engender respect for the law, it ruins the shreds that remain.

And don't think that "we're just doing our job" is going to save you from the spiritual repercussions of what you are doing. If you really cared about upholding your country's constitution and human rights, you would join LEAP and work your butts off to really promote public safety.