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Pastor Ayers Updates

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Thu, Jul 22, 2010 - 3:45 am

Some more news about Pastor Ayers. There's a cynical saying that goes, "no good deed goes unpunished." In case you are not familiar with Jonathan Ayer's story, it goes something like this.

He was reaching out to help someone who was (and perhaps still is) addicted to cocaine, plus she prostituted herself to earn money to pay for it. I do not know what transpired between them but it probably went like this, "you know, what you're doing to yourself is not so great. Jesus loves you, you know, he wants to heal you and make you whole. Have you accepted him as your lord and savior?"

"You're so sweet. I know I should be a better person; I've tried and sometimes I feel like I'm making progress, but… my car's not working so great, I'm having trouble paying the rent, and, you know, stuff like that. Can I have $20?"

Anyway, it seems Jonathan didn't give up on her and he gave her a lift in his car a few times. The most recent time he did was his last. He was shot dead at near point-blank range.

You can read my take on how this fits in with Bible prophecy in the write-up Preacher Murdered: Just Another "Fill Up" at the Filling Station. On that page is a link to a CNN article with more details.

Next it was open season on his then-pregnant widow as she became subject to an atrocious campaign of smears, and even heartless comments by other members of the clergy. But what can one expect from the High Priests of Assigning Permanent Shame, the Holier-Than-Thou-Congregation, Thug Addicts, and the Men (and Women) of Lawlessness? Since they all worship the Evil Religion of Hate (Drug War) they all bowed down to it and patted the shooters on the back, said Pastor Ayers was probably sleeping around, and even accused enraged citizens of "unforgiveness."

Let me tell you right here that Jesus IS NOT waiting with open arms for the unrepentant! Jesus kicks them out of power, throws them into the outer darkness on the trash heap where they belong, and quite possibly they are given a serious beating and/or chopped up in little pieces! This is not "unforgiveness!" You can find all those in the various sayings attributed to Jesus. And this one too, blessed are those who thirst and hunger for righteousness, for they will be filled.

As I and many clergy have pointed out, this Drug War is immoral! It's blasphemy! Drug Prohibition is a false god, it's idol worship!

So it seems just yesterday, according to the a judge ruled

Nearly a dozen north Georgia towns that participate in a drug task force could be responsible through their insurance carriers for paying a judgment if a widow of a Lavonia minister who was killed by drug agents wins her lawsuit, following a recent judicial ruling.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Story last week ruled in Gainesville that the towns, which were not named in the lawsuit, cannot be absolved of liability in the case.

Not too long ago, before that, a cop, a training coordinator, was arrested because he lied to investigators and told them the shooter had been through the proper training, when in fact he hadn't.

So like the Drug War itself, it's just lies on top of lies. Why would he lie? Good ol' boy network? Basically I say it's because the Drug War is an Evil Religion of Hate and those who worship it think anyone and anything is worth killing as a blood sacrifice to it.

Hey all you politicians too afraid of the Holier-Than-Thou-Congregation and what they will say when you try to end it, just keep in mind that if humans can't uproot the Drug War Tree, God will. And when God does it, it and everything hanging on it goes in the fire and it's too late to repent at that time, you're going with it.

Training officer arrested

Official arrested in Ayers case


Officer charged with lying about shooting

Report: Stephens Co. Deputy Charged With Felony In Ayers Case

GBI arrests Stephens County police training coordinator

Stephens County deputy charged with felony in Ayers case

You can read much better write-up here:

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