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Lawyers, Judges, Please Write Amicus Brief for Roger Christie and Religious-Use Friends

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Thu, Jul 29, 2010 - 6:15 pm

Are you a current or former lawyer or judge? Do you know someone who is?

Please write an amicus curiae for Roger Christie — and the other members arrested — of the THC Ministry.

I don't know exactly what he's charged with, selling or dealing marijuana; but I am certain it was only for adults who were religious believers, and perhaps for medical use outreach to non-believers. I will provide some links for you to read; these are from my newsreader, I am sure Google has more.

Not only is it merciless to persecute and prosecute sick people who find relief through marijuana, it is also antithetical to historical record and our own Founding Documents to so wantonly mistreat people who use it for religious purposes!

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Even if you do not believe in God, prefer another version of religion, or just out-and-out dislike some of what he professes to be true, there is little doubt in my mind that he would stick up for your right to believe what you want to, even if it's at variance with his beliefs.

So please write a Friend of the Court brief and submit it on their behalf