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Every Kinda People

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Mon, Aug 2, 2010 - 3:49 pm

There's no profit in deceit,
Honest men know that revenge does not taste sweet.
Whether yellow, black, or white,
Each and every man's the same inside.

You know that love's the only goal
That could bring a peace to any soul…

Attributed to: 
Robert Palmer

This is one of my favorite songs. I also love the similarly titled and themed Everyday People by Sly and the Family Stone. But I'll save praising that song for another day.

Robert Palmer's song has a great melody and, as usual, his voice is great too.

There are a few reasons I like this song, and in particular the quote above. It shows that undercover drug scams are wrong; they are "legalized" lying and fraud. God NEVER tells us to commit evil "for the greater good." A "just, pre-emptive war" is just a saying from Satan, the Beast, and False Prophet; the of DEAth agents. Look at the Drug War.

The Drug War started out as an attempt to bring shame and slavery back to the "degenerate races" in an attempt to fight against them, subjugate them, "for the greater good." How much good has it done? Were they able to staunch the use or flow of drugs? Ha! Since this was all an act that sprung up from Satan, the Beast, and the False Prophet, it was doomed to be one of the fulfillments of Jesus' prophecy that the teachings of the Pharisees is like bad yeast! It just expands and makes things worse and worse as it expands more and makes things worse and worse!

So I say, be on guard of the idol worshippers, those who blaspheme God, who promote prohibition and the Drug War.

The next line ties in with the Drug War too, particularly it points to the biology of people and how we're basically the same. But the Drug War was built on racial hatred which evil racist men and women perpetuate to this day! The first, or one of the first, Drug Czars (Henry Anslinger) wrote that marijuana causes the "degenerate races" to not accept their place in society.

But for men like that, and the men and women who perpetuate prohibition THERE WILL BE NO REST! Not only does "secular" Robert Palmer point this out, but you can read it yourself in the Bible, "there is no peace for the wicked." [Isaiah 48:22 Isaiah 57:20-21] There are also numerous passages in Revelation which point to this as well.

As you can read in many places on this website and others, God did not tell us to try to force what we believe to be his will on others. God told us to follow his laws, not evil human traditions. Jesus told us to ignore those we disagree with not create laws to punish them. The life of Jesus was all about setting captives free, NOT imprisoning people. Jesus could have EASILY forced his will on others, but didn't. What did he say after he threw out the legion of demons from the possessed man? When the villagers came to Jesus and made a request of him? They asked him to leave and he did!

Drug Prohibition is the crushing evil will of evildoers who create human traditions and human laws to punish others for things which are NOT crimes, NOR sins! Prohibitionists not only set themselves on the throne of their souls, they demand to sit on the throne of your soul too!

You can tell they are not doing the work of God, but are doing the work of their father, the devil, much of what they do is based on deceit, leading people into temptation, and other evil behaviors under the cover of darkness.

Finally, in Revelation 7, we read of people from "every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands," and they are worshipping God, praising him for being their salvation. Won't the racist Drug Warriors and prohibitionists be so surprised and filled with rage to find they're flying off to the place of burning sulfur while they see the "degenerate races" singing to God and using the leaves of the Tree of Life?