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Do Not Be Decieved, "Drug War" is a Spot-On Accurate Characterization

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Tue, Aug 3, 2010 - 4:54 pm

Unfortunately the Drug Warrior liars keep on trying to deceive people by claiming we do not have a Drug War, or that it's been ended. They try to soft-pedal the the notion of Drug War.

But as Neill Franklin replied in a recent interview, the "war" terminology is completely apt.

If [President Obama] had truly changed his policy and ended the “War On Drugs,” the following would be occurring:

  1. When a war has ended, fighting stops and the troops begin to come home. Cops are still fighting criminals, criminals are still fighting criminals and criminals are still fighting cops.
  2. When a war has ended, you stop taking prisoners and you begin the release of those imprisoned.
  3. When a war has ended, you begin to repair the damage caused by the war. You heal the wounded, rebuild communities and neighborhoods and give children hope.

The truth to the matter is, we are fighting more and harder than ever and the harder law enforcement push, the more violent it all becomes. Forty years of this nonsense and we still don’t get it.

I would also add a bit from the Bible, when the war is over, swords are not needed, so they are converted into plowshares for the plows. My interpretation is this, we house far too many people in prison for using or dealing drugs. Those people do not belong in prison. So we free them, and consolidate those who do belong in prisons. Now we have lots of empty prisons. So we convert them to other uses, all the while teaching useful trades: electrical, plumbing, remodeling, interior design, green design, etc… Beating the swords into plowshares. Isaiah 2:4 Micah 4:3

And for those who come across Joel 3:9-14, my interpretation is this: people will put aside their routine conversation and begin to discuss the need to end the Drug War, people will be pressed to make a decision.

I will write more about this later.