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Blood is on Whose Hands?!

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Tue, Aug 24, 2010 - 11:16 pm

One of the fallacies the prohibitionists keep on putting out there, as though they actually cared about the tens of thousands dead in Mexico, other countries, and our own, is that drug purchasers are the ones deserving blame for those deaths, as opposed to the prohibitionists themselves.

This is just a bold-faced lie. Sick minds like wife-beaters think this stuff up and con others to accept it.

  1. Even if all drug purchasers stopped buying this instant, the cartels and dealers will still have a tremendous amount of inventory and more in the pipeline. They have so much money they can take a dearth of customers. So what will they do? They will still battle others over routes. They will still work to push it on others, and as they often do, they will focus on kids. Don't believe me? Ask Ireland, dealers getting 10 -year-olds hooked on heroin. Ask Wisconsin, a 400% increase in heroin use. Those are just the two most recent examples. And find new customers they will. They have remarkable incentive to do so. Yes you prohibitionists, because of your ways, drugs are in the hands of kids, and kids die! Blood!
  2. By stepping up the violence against cartels, gangs, and dealers, they only create violence. Violence among the cartels, gangs, and dealers. Violence on innocent by-standers. Violence from law enforcement on innocent victims, GREATLY reducing respect for them. Read the report, icon pdf Yes you prohibitionists, because of your love of violence and delusion that violence is the solution, violence is created! Blood!
  3. By continuing this Evil Religion of Hate, they continue to perpetuate the delusion that drug prohibition works. They continue to encourage others to worship the idolatrous drug prohibition laws.
  4. Their prohibitionist mindset ignores the fact that many cannabis consumers grow their own, or obtain it from a trusted source who grew it, completely sans Mexican cartels.
  5. They completely overlook the fact that the violence is created by them! Without prohibition this would completely go away! We ended alcohol prohibition and gang killings like the Valentine's Day Massacre stopped, no more gangs killing gangs over the black market trade. Blood!
  6. They delude themselves into thinking that everyone who dies in gang violence, drug raids, or cartel violence is somehow guilty. Judged guilty until proven innocent. Blood!
  7. The prohibitionists Evil Religion of Hate keeps people suffering, people who could be benefitting from the plants and substances which they have, in their rabid hatred, have declared illegal. Blood!
  8. What is the quickest way to stop the violence? Ending the reason for the black market to exist.

You see, in reality the prohibitionists are screaming at God, "DAMN YOU TO HELL GOD for creating these plants!"

Do some reading about national alcohol prohibition and you'll get a better sense of the sick, sick, minds behind it all. Dr. Hanson points out, in his excellent 7-page history, the outrageous hypocrisies in law enforcement, the sick suggestions like public hangings of drinkers by their tongues, the intentional poisoning of industrial alcohol in case (and it was) diverted for public consumption — resulting in many deaths, and on and on with cold-hearted self-righteous EVIL.

Yes, it is they who not only have blood on their hands, but have gulped down gallons! They may or may not drink alcohol, but they are very drunk. Like Jesus raged against the self-righteous hypocrites, "on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.

"And so upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on earth!" [Matthew 23]

So in conclusion, prohibitionists will be held accountable for the carnage; all the more so because they completely deny their involvement. It's their policies which created it. I do not blame the little old lady trying to obtain some medicine just like I do not blame the average guy filling up his gas tank, or riding the bus fueled by gas; I do not blame them for funding the huge corporations which then take those profits and lobby Congress to gut regulations allowing them to pollute our planet even more.