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When Released From Your Cell, Trample Down the Wicked

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Mon, Sep 27, 2010 - 12:27 am

But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall.

Then you will trample down the wicked; they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day when I do these things," says the LORD Almighty.

Attributed to: 
God, Malachi (NIV)

God tells Malachi of the freedom which awaits people who love God and do good. Those who have been illegally and unconstitutionally oppressed, imprisoned, even killed.

There are people who are in literal cells and people who are in metaphorical cells.

The easiest interpretation to see is how the many people in prison due to this Evil Religion of Hate (Drug War) will be set free. And all those who demanded they be there will be burned up and turn back into ashes and dust. Then the ashes and dust will be trampled down as it is danced upon!

Then of course there are the people who are prisoners in their own bodies. Parkinson's patients, Alzheimer's, intractable pain, and many other problems.

If you are released before this prophesied event occurs, I encourage you to pray for those who persecuted you and get involved with the reform organization of your choice (see Explore More on the lower right side of this page).

(No offense intended, but if you're a "literalist," I'm talking about metaphorically trampling down the wicked. However, it's quite possible that this prophesy of Malachi's will have a literal interpretation. We know the Day of the Lord is said to be very hot, and it says the wicked burn like stubble.)