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It seems this bit it attached to each post:

I am Ryan or as I jokingly call myself "Reverend Ryan." I am an ordained minister, but I am not in charge of any religion. I merely have a relationship with the Lord. I started for a number of reasons.

#1 Because I had served jail time for misdemeanor pot possession in Utah and I found no justice.

#2 Because I feel prohibition was a contributing factor to my younger brother's suicide.

#3 Because I thought it is important to give a Christian prospective on cannabis and legalization. I enjoy writing in my spare time and sometimes I do some venting.

On their About page is this:

What is xCannabis about?
It was a name that we decided for several reasons.

There are very few cool cannabis domain names left. At least cool domains that are .com’s, which I prefer. So xCannabis was decided on the following.

  • We (the webmasters Ryan and Kimberly) are followers of Christ, and things that are “Christian” can go by things like Xmas. (i.e. the cross)
  • We see a representation of a multiplication symbol in the X of xCannabis. To “to multiply knowledge and understanding of the cannabis plant.”
  • We are of ‘generation X.”

What we are about?

  • Our civil rights under the constitution
  • Raising our children in a free nation
  • We are active in voting pro-legalization and pro National Initiative policies
  • We express ourselves through visual, poetic and musical arts. A lot of the designs on are the work of either Ryan or Kim.
  • We enjoy socializing with other greenies.
  • Since xCann’s start in August 2008, we have grown and changed significantly.

(Please note I reformatted the above slightly, to make it easier to read. I hope they are not offended.)