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Reverend Wrong Allen

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Mon, Nov 22, 2010 - 10:36 pm

PBS Religion and Ethics did a piece about marijuana, particularly focusing on California's Proposition 19.


While this analysis may seem out of date, it's not. First, I was having a nearly impossible time connecting to the website in order to post it. Second, chances are we'll continue to hear these bogus reasons as time goes on. Third, I reserve the right to publicly scrutinize any religious leader or person who implies Drug War and/or Drug Prohibition is God's will. Fourth, it should give some of the non-religious folks who read this, a sense of why it may seem some of my writings are a bit hot under the collar; he calls us "Satan" and "the enemy." Which is totally backwards. Clearly many of the prohibitionists have this mindset, although they are not as honest with their beliefs; so this is why I too just get straight to the point many times, and why I have the quote from Reverend Dean Becker on every page, "prohibition is evil."

Analyzing the Video

Reverend Ron Allen makes a number of incorrect statements, here are a few:

Rev. Ron Allen says Satan is telling people "it [marijuana] is less harmful than alcohol." "Satan has tried to make us think, and have [sic] tried to make us believe, that it's nothing.
In fact it is the liar Satan who tells people that marijuana is a sin. For most people, in small doses, both alcohol and marijuana are not harmful, and even healthy. In large doses, alcohol will kill you, while cannabis will make you sleepy. Many people have died from alcohol overdose, no one has died from marijuana overdose.

Rev. Ron Allen says, "Isn't that how Satan comes in the back door to make you think that one sin is greater than another?"
Here Rev. Allen speaks for the Devil in a number of ways. First, marijuana or alcohol IS NOT A SIN! There is nothing intrinsically sinful about either cannabis or alcohol! To say otherwise is a lie.

Second, Jesus shows in his conversation with Pontius Pilate that some sins are greater than other sins. [John 19:1-16] (I do not mean to discount or ignore the other related passages, like whoever sins is a slave to sin, the wages of sin is death, the soul who sins dies, and Jesus own comment about the tower which fell and killed people, but clearly some sins are worse than others.)

Third, Allen should be defrocked for misleading those who have entrusted themselves to him — for teaching against what Jesus himself taught. Namely that it's not what you put inside yourself that makes you unclean, it's what comes out of your mouth that does. So Allen makes himself unclean by lying about alcohol, lying about marijuana, and teaching the opposite of what Jesus taught.

"And today we are in a critical position in the state of California. We have individuals that want to legalize a Schedule 1 drug: marijuana. And what they're saying to us is that it's not dangerous."
Hm… so many things wrong here. First off, we want to re-legalize it. For God did not create cannabis to be illegal; it's only a recent human tradition, based in racism and lies, which unrighteously condemns marijuana. Please take a look at what the prophets and Jesus had to say about human traditions that go against God.

Next, and I guess I shouldn't expect him to be too much of an expert here, but the DEA's classification system based on "Schedules" is about as unscientific as it gets.

Finally, the people he is referring to are saying it's "safer than alcohol." Anything can be dangerous: too much oxygen, too much water, not brushing or flossing your teeth, religion itself! Believing in Jesus can be dangerous, it has gotten many people burned at the stake, hung, pressed to death, driven out of town, and so on.

When we talk about prohibition of 1920's and 1930's we can not relate that to what we're dealing with today.
Um, why? The parallels are undeniable! His statement is completely outlandish.

Narrator: Allen says legalizing marijuana would simply add to the destruction drugs and alcohol have already caused in African-American neighborhoods.
Groan. Then why did the National Black Police Association Endorse Marijuana Legalization? And what about the California NAACP?

"Here's their mantra, 'marijuana is as harmless as alcohol.'"
Folks, if this guy can't quote people who are around us today, and constantly in the press, how can you trust him to relate quotes from Jesus?

What many people are saying is "marijuana is safer than alcohol." I don't really hear any of them saying alcohol is harmless. In fact the guy from the Drug Policy Alliance's California Office stated it quite nicely, earlier in the video segment.

I will say right here that religion is far more dangerous than marijuana! Religion can get you killed. Religion has screwed up more families than all drugs combined! Religion has turned seemingly normal people into raving madmen. Religion has put more people on the street than the most addictive drugs.

And as far as harmlessness goes, even drinking water can kill you!

Based on what I know about Allen's past, namely that he was a cocaine addict for a while, he's hung up on the egocentric notion that everyone is like him.

Meg Whitman: Every single law enforcement official in this entire state is against Proposition 19.
Frankly this is just more lies. Should you vote for a liar? And I bet if you asked many in law enforcement about re-legalizing alcohol back in the 1920's they too would make comments like, "crime and alcohol go together," and "I'm glad we made alcohol illegal, I've never seen so many kids drinking it in all my life." But the fact is, the smart ones among them fully realize that it's not the substance itself, it's the fact it's controlled by the black market.

"They said to me that it's not a 'gateway drug.' I have to disagree with them. I can only talk about Bishop Ron Allen. When I started my seven years of crack cocaine, my first experience with drugs was marijuana."
First, I doubt his first drug experience was marijuana. I bet he, like so many, was introduced to sugar at quite a young age. My guess is he also used, and perhaps still does, caffeine. And many people speedball their sugar and caffeine in the form of coffee or soda.

I would also venture a guess he experimented with tobacco before he tried marijuana. Last but not least, I bet he also drank alcohol before he tried marijuana. Wait, I mean last but not least, I bet he also had plenty of experience with OTC (over-the-counter) drugs too. But I could be wrong. Feel free to contact me and set me straight Ron.

Like I've written before, and so many others, if marijuana was a gateway drug, then there would be hundreds of millions of cocaine and heroin users, and there aren't. AND if everyone who tried cocaine or heroin became hopelessly addicted after just one time, then the whole country would be crawling with drug addicts, and this is CLEARLY NOT THE CASE!

That wrong-headed "theory" is just plain wrong and an EVIL LIE; it's nothing but ignorant slander meant to discredit this excellent plant and the people who use it.

Ron, once you repent — and bear the fruits of repentance — I'll take this essay down or modify it, and I'll hug you. But until then every word will stay, and maybe I'll revisit it and write more if I feel like it. Before too long you may get some company, it's been nagging me that I need to name others, like that foul Kevin Sabet, pawn Kerlikowske, and nasty Leonhart, among others.