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Heartless Cops Should NOT be Where the Media Turns for Drug Information!

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Tue, Nov 23, 2010 - 4:19 pm

Yes, the title sums it up fairly well, "Heartless Cops Should NOT be Where the Media Turns for Drug Information!" Neither should the other government agencies with a gross conflict-of-interest in propping up — and ballooning — their unsustainably massive budgets be consulted! Remember, DEA does not stand for "Doctors Expertly Advising" or "Doctors Extremely Accredited."

As part of the comments in the article, "Parents fight son's lost war with drugs," one comment stands out so much I decided to feature it on its own page here at Christians Against Prohibition. (You can read another short analysis of that article — and link to it — on this page at CAP.)

The comment below (I've highlighted part) is both sad and points out an attitude representative of many people's feelings about drug users, "they're expendable stupid scum." Personally I think the commenter is far too tame in his/her calling the rehab program and probation officer "insensitive." Judging by the words only, and not having heard their intonation, I would opt for "cruel, heartless, callous, mean, unprofessional, arrogant, cold hearted, etc…" We're talking about parents losing child here, not accidentally tossing a dark sock in the wash with your whites.

NONJUDGEMENTALMA, 10:12 PM on November 20, 2010
The Cullen's story mirrors my son's story. He was bipolar and an addict. After almost a year in jail, we picked him up from Theo Lacy on a Monday and he made plans to enter rehab. Once he had been accepted into program, a "friend" dropped off drugs for him to have one last "hurrah", but since his body was clean at the time, it killed him. He had only been out of jail for 4 days! When rehab program and probation officer were told what happened to him, they responded in an insensitive manner, saying "Oh, that happens all the time when someone is released from jail! Usually the first time they use will kill them." They said it's common knowledge but I assured them it was not for everyone! UGH! Parents are left out of loop once our kids turn 18 and they don't have to provide us with any info whatsoever! Even if it's something that might of helped to prevent his death! Now we are broken! Thank you Denise and Gary for bravely sharing your tragedy.

This just goes to show the viciousness with which the Drug War is fought by law enforcement, and even others who profit greatly from it.

It shows the unprofessional and heartless attitude many have towards people who were born with some sort of issue which they try to address themselves because our medical system is outrageously expensive.

It shows how ignorant so many are about drug use, and drug abuse. Nearly everyone in law enforcement calls all drugs "narcotics" which, in fact, they aren't! The Drug War has been the opposite of science; instead of calling the various drugs what they are: stimulants, narcotics, depressants, etc… the Drug Warriors and prohibitionists, sound like racists and conflate all drugs into one category "narcotic," yet only a small percentage of drugs are narcotics. And Drug Warrior/prohibitionist ignorance is further spread by unthinking lapdog media who only seek out cops for comment on sorrowful events like these.

I live in a place where there is sorrow in the voices of TV anchors who report on crashes and other accidents, "alcohol and drugs were not a factor," they say with a tinge of sadness.