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Poppy Seed Bagel Leads to Evil Government Kidnapping and "Addict" Accusation

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Tue, Nov 23, 2010 - 4:52 pm

Imagine you are about to take part in what many consider one of life's greatest miracles.

Imagine you are hungry and eat a bagel. A bagel with poppy seeds on it.

Why poppy seeds? Well, perhaps you like the little crunch they add to the experience. Or maybe you like the freckled look they add to the bagel, or perhaps …

Now imagine that not long after eating that bagel you give birth to your baby.

Not long after that, those who have been bullied by the pseudo-moralists — those who kicked God off God's throne and planted themselves on it — are forced to test newborn babies for drugs and they find that there is an opioid product (or by-product) in your system. YOU MUST BE CONDEMNED!!! Your newborn baby must be kidnapped from you!

Thankfully they do not call out the SWAT team to steal your baby from you; trashing your house and shooting up the place, perhaps killing pets and/or people in the process. But since you are the mother of a few-day-old baby, they might as well have. They kidnap your baby anyway. (See more about SWAT raids.)

This is only the most recent episode of Drug War terrorism. And it gets worse, just read the articles above.

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