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DEA Admits it Serves god of Evil

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Tue, Dec 7, 2010 - 6:28 pm

In another excellent report by the Associated Press, they scrutinize the incessant “successes” the DEA and others in (mainly) law enforcement trumpet over their captures, killings, drugs, cash, and property grabbings. (See also the AP report “U.S. drug war has met none of its goals” where they outline it in detail.  $1 trillion U.S. dollars wasted!)

AP IMPACT: Cartel arrests did not curb drug trade

Definitely the best line of the article was prompted by a reporter who asked 

Yes, but aren't the drugs they seize a fraction of those on the street, and the criminals arrested replaced or released?

[DEA Deputy Director] dropped his head into his hands for a moment, thinking.

“You know, we’re doing God’s work,” he replied.

Even people with a modest knowledge of what God's will is and the Bible, ought to be able to figure out Prohibition is NOT God's will.  

WARNING Due to my being tired of hearing Prohibitionists claim and allude they have the moral high ground, I will speak in no uncertain terms. You might be offended, strong language is included in this review.

Out of their own mouths they condemn themselves, just like Jesus prophesied.  They do not serve the God of love, the God of the Universe.  

The DEA, ONDCP, the U.N. drug agencies, and other staunch Prohibitionists serve the Devil.  They serve as the hands, legs, and mouths for evil.  They carry guns for Satan.  Through their very actions, for decades, we’ve seen their efforts cause high profits for cartels and dealers, ensure people die of overdose deaths, the trampling and shredding of the Constitution, the blaspheming of God and desecration of the Bible and 10 Commandments, the spreading of death in foreign lands ensuring ill will towards us, the ballooning in size and spending of their bureaucracies, the continued unrighteous spread of lies and shame, and all-round acting like their father the Devil.  

They continue to beat their chest with self-righteous chest thumping.  They continue to beat the real servants of God!  [Matthew 24:50-51]  Jesus promises they will be cut in pieces and thrown out with the hypocrites, and they will cry their eyes out and gnash their teeth in pain.  Like it’s written in the Bible lots of times, how one judges and treats others, so this will be their “reward.”

From the article:

Standing with Holder that day in 2009 was acting Drug Enforcement Administration chief Michele Leonhart, who declared: “Today we have dealt the Sinaloa drug cartel a crushing blow.”

But just how crushing was it? An Associated Press investigation casts doubt on whether the crackdown caused any significant setback for the cartel. It still ranks near the top of Mexico’s drug gangs, and most of those arrested were underlings who had little connection to the cartel and were swiftly replaced. The cartel leader remains free, along with his top commanders.

The findings confirm what many critics of the drug war have said for years: The government is quick to boast about large arrests or drug seizures, but many of its most-publicized efforts result in little, if any, slowdown in the drug trade.

All throughout this excellent article one can see the many ways the prohibitionists serve violence, evil. 

Michelle Leonhart expresses her satisfaction at dealing “crushing blows.”  And like the article points out numerous times, all she did was lie, all she did was exalt herself and try to exalt the DEA. And in case you don’t know what Jesus says (yes present tense, he is alive), he says those who exalt themselves will be humbled. [Matthew 23:12-13, Luke 18:9-14, Luke 14:11]

This page was recently brought to my attention: Hooray We’re Winning!

Holder vowed to keep up the fight. “These cartels will be destroyed,” he said. Other top officials at the Justice Department and the DEA made similar statements at least six times in 2 ½ years. But neither agency tracked the outcomes of each arrest in the sweep.

The AP conducted a detailed review of the operation. It tracked 193 of the people arrested, filed Freedom of Information Act requests, analyzed thousands of pages of court records and interviewed dozens of people such as prisoners, former suspects, law enforcement agents and criminal law experts. Among the findings: […]

— Authorities often announce high arrest numbers, but some suspects are counted twice. An arrested street dealer may show up in the statistics of several Justice Department sweeps.

Lies upon lies.  Seeking their own glory. Trying to justify decades of failed policies.  

Holder rages against himself. I recall one of his first statements upon taking the position of Attorney General.  He said he was unhappy with how many people of color were in prisons.  Um, hello, y’all’s Drug War put them there!  Holder, this Evil Religion of Drug Prohibition was founded on racism and perpetuates it to this very day! Wake up!

Before drug prohibition people made and transported those substances legitimately. The cartels were made by prohibition and are only made stronger by prohibition.

That figure has risen steadily in the past four years. In 2007, the Justice Department estimated that the Mexican drug trade generated as much as $24.9 billion. By 2009, it was $39 billion. This year, the government declined to make a projection, saying only that drugs brought in “tens of billions of dollars.”

Even the Justice Department acknowledges that the influence of Mexican drug-trafficking organizations is still expanding.

Still, DEA Deputy Director David Gaddas insists the federal strategy works: Cocaine prices are up, and purity is down. Thousands of criminals who would otherwise be killing, stealing and pushing drugs are locked away. Tons of narcotics have been destroyed. Critical insider information is being gleaned from suspects in exchange for lighter sentences or the chance to go free.

“Remember that this is a problem — international drug trafficking and transnational criminal organizations — that’s been going on for 40 years at a minimum. It’s not something that we can change in a single generation, but we’re working hard to change it in the next, and we’re moving in the right direction,” Gaddas said. “It’s not something we’re going to turn off like a faucet.”

Don’t be deceived by the lie that for only a few decades “the good guys” have been trying to make these plants extinct and “the bad guys” have been trying to grow them and smuggle them.

You can tell how evil this is and that they do not serve God or the U.S. citizens!  They know what they’re doing is NOT working, yet they continue to expand their budgets, they continue to take away every citizen’s rights, they continue to break our constitution in every conceivable way to fight Drug War, they have driven us past broke

You can also see how their sick minds operate, just take the quote from DEA Deputy Director David Gaddas, he enjoys the fact that drug products are mixed with impurities, he’s just plain sick in the head!  A Drug War addict who will stop at nothing; they lie, they kill, they break every one of the ten commandments, they trick and trap, they smuggle, they don’t even trust each other because of the corruption which Drug Prohibition spawns!

Of course we can “fix” the problem of drug trafficking organizations, we can put them out of business. Just ask Terry Nelson of LEAP!

And of course the Idol Worshippers won’t tell you how they threatened the World Health Organization when they recommending ending cocaine prohibition. Why? Because as Jesus says, they belong to their father the devil, a murderer and liar!

At some point I will quote from a book published over 50 years ago.  The author Robert S. de Ropp uses nearly every single argument you can hear now for ending the Drug War!  Yet the prohibitionists have corrupted government and shoved their perverse moral decay on society.  And decay it has! Outrageous evil hypocrites! “Moving in the right direction,” such freaking damned lies.  Sir, the direction you are moving is right towards Gehenna and the eternal trash heap! I urge ALL Prohibitionists to repent and join LEAP immediately!

Please note the date of this article. It was BEFORE the "Fast & Furious" debacle.1 It was before other evidence of DEA money laundering2 was brought to light, etc… they continue to bear the fruit which resembles themselves and their god.