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Tennessee Man Treated Terribly!

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Mon, May 30, 2011 - 12:27 pm

A public health scientist loses his retirement and part of his farm in fight to legalize medical marijuana in Tennessee.

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Bernie Ellis has been treated very badly. Very, very badly! Outright EVIL, in fact. To quote from what Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director, wrote (see link below):

On his bucolic and much-loved Tennessee farm Mr. Ellis we arrested and prosecuted for growing a small amount of cannabis, much of it shared with nearby sick, dying and sense-threatened medical patients–including some of Mr. Ellis’ closest neighbors.

For this ‘crime’ against the state he was sent to prison, lived in halfway houses, suffered through probation and dozens of drug tests, and, if that was not enough, the government wanted even more flesh in the form of Ellis’ beloved farm. As if arrest, prison, probation and drug test were not enough, the government also wanted Ellis property.

Posted Because: 

He is yet another victim of the Devil's children who wreak havoc on our earth and on the lives of people who do not deserve such treatment. Mr. Ellis was hurting NO ONE. In fact he was helping people wanted help, people who were suffering! But we know that the Devil and his children love to cause suffering and punish people who work to end the suffering of others.

I GUARANTEE (I can only guarantee this because God does) you evil drug warriors and prohibitionists, you will face EVEN MORE SHAME that what y'all put Mr. Ellis through. It is the unavoidable repercussions of the Universe; you will be paid back in the same ways you judge and treat others; PLUS MORE! Jesus said this often and you can find it in the Old Testament too.

Yes, you will be completely exposed and your shame seen by all! And just like it says in the Bible, even what you think you own will be taken away! [Matthew 13:10-15, Mark 4:24-25, Luke 8:16-18] You will be completely and totally humiliated! Shame will cover you like a cloak, like a belt, you CAN NEVER REMOVE! [Psalm 108:29]

Yes, like it says in Luke (read above link), there is NOTHING hidden that will not be disclosed and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. ALL your EVIL yucking it up as you persecute these people who do NOT deserve to be persecuted, all your EVIL lies you tell on the stand, all the EVIL twisting of the facts you do to deceive the public, all the EVIL lies which are not even a perversion of the facts but are just out-and-out LIES, and all the other hypocritical things you do will be COMPLETELY exposed and seen by EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE. Do you have enough brains to repent?