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Answer to MyVoterNation Jimmy Carter Question

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Tue, Jul 5, 2011 - 8:01 pm

Over here: there is the yes/no question: Jimmy Carter: Time to Rethink War on Drugs - Do you agree?

Well, yes, I agree. And based on the look of the page I thought I could just vote and/or comment and be done. However, after I wrote my little reply I realized I had to register, ok, a hurdle. But then all the long legalese of Terms & Conditions, and Privacy, I got way too bogged down and decided I would post here what I’d written. With the addition of slight HTML formatting.

Drug Prohibitionists and Drug Policy Reformers

Common Ground: Remove Drugs from Black Market
Problem: Prohibitionists believe in “scorched earth” strategy, versus Reformers who believe in a healing and harm reduction strategy.

Some points of contention:

  • Prohibs believe in the un-historical, anti-reality of a Drug Free Universe|World|Country|etc… Reformers accept the reality that drugs have been and will continue to be a part of life.
  • Prohibs speak as though all drugs were alcohol; Reformers realize every drug has different effects, risks, even benefits.
  • Prohibs think all use is abuse, in general Reformers do not.
  • Prohibitionists think deaths in Mexico signal success, Reformers do not.
  • Prohibitionists think polluted drugs and the ills they cause are a success and will deter drug users, Reformers call that sick and sadistic.
  • Prohibitionists believe in “sending a message,” Reformers believe in straight talk.
  • Prohibtionists think no cost is too high, Reformers say we’ve already paid a too high price decades ago.

The fact is most drug users do not have “problematic use.” The fact is most people with a problem can recognize it and quit on their own. The small percentage of people who can not are NOT deterred by illegality or polluted drugs, and usually have multiple life issues which need addressing in addition to their drug use issues.

The fact is we can end overdose deaths with a stroke of the pen, allowing injection drug users to obtain a prescription. We can immediately undermine the whole black market by bringing drugs out of the black market through a system of legalized regulation.

Reformers realize this is the ONLY way to begin removing drugs from the black market and shrinking it as much as we can. Prohibitionist treat us like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, applying their rage and scorched earth policies to those of us actually promoting effective policies to remove drugs from the black market.

How to regulate? See the ideas in this book: