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Sadists Order Solmon to Interview "Flogging Advocate?"

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Tue, Aug 23, 2011 - 8:09 pm

Well, it seems the PBS News Hour finally got around to reviewing Peter Moskos’ book, “In Defense of Flogging.”

In Defense of Flogging: Controversial Conversation on Prisons and Punishment

Here’s Peter’s own blog post about it:

Maybe it’s not such a crazy idea…

How ironic is it that they finally did so after I began calling them “Pwned By Sadists?” (“Pwned” being Internet slang for “owned.”) Well, I don’t like to call associations causations; and Jesus tells us not to exalt ourselves, so let’s just call it a coincidence. However, I will point out this interview seems to be web-only, and not featured on their broadcast TV show. Boo. Not nearly the amount of respect this topic and book deserves, especially by an economist who must surely know that although prisons may seem like a “growth” industry, they are a growth industry like a cancer, they grow by devouring the host and ultimately causing more harm than good.

But although no one called me up to tell me they thought they’d found a way to say abolitionists are hypocrites, in my daydreams I can imagine the Sadists who dictate to the Inside the Beltway Hour what to report, thinking they are so clever, “hey, that Thinking CAP guy says we’re sadists! We’ll show him! Call that LEAP guy who is in favor of flogging people! Show the world that the leeegaliiiiizers are really more cruel than our beautiful and wonderful and oh so business friendly slave-filled prison system!”

Ok, Peter is not really an advocate of flogging, as you can hear him say in the interview. But it made the headline much more attention getting. Incidentally I must confess I’ve not read his book yet, sorry Peter.

I posted two comments on the PBS webpage. In case they don’t pass muster for their site, “I approve this message” for this website. :-)

Each comment below is in reply to comments made on the PBS page.

What does the author think of the fact that half the people in prison are non-violent drug offenders? Society is really quite sick if we believe these people should not only be kidnapped and locked up, but now flogged?

I am quite confident Peter would completely agree it is sick to flog either drug users or drug addicts.

A little research on him would point you to his blog: and quite possibly you’d find he is a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP):

LEAP, made up of current and former narcs, judges, wardens, guards, lawyers, DEA, Marshals, etc… fought the Drug War and admit it has only made the situation worse, prohibition does not work. Drug prohibition exacerbates every ill the prohibitionists decry.

============================ NEXT REPLY

There are a few issues with using equipment to locate the infinitesimal amounts of drugs they can detect. Perhaps you missed the report that came out noting “from 18 U.S. cities that found cocaine on 90 percent of the bills tested.”

Now that’s probably not a problem for the adrenaline addicts who love to lord authority over others and engage in physical assaults on others. But if you truly are concerned about the oodles of mistakes which have been made and letting the punishment fit the crime, then it should be perfectly clear that there is no intrinsic crime upon drinking a beer, or a cup of coffee, or eating a cannabis brownie, or worshipping God in a psychedelic plant ceremony, all of those things (and more) are manmade crimes where no actual crime exists.

Show you care by joining LEAP to stop the real crime, the real source of gang violence, the real reason dealers push drugs on others: prohibition.

Join the true patriots of all stripes, Milton Friedman to Noam Chomsky, to Kofi Annan, to Charles Schultz, to too many more than there is space to list.

Back to your concern I opened with. The fact is there are many people in power who play both sides of prohibition. They profit from prohibition, but they also use; typically, the stimulant cocaine. They consider cannabis users “stupid stoners,” or “the stoner masses.” They laugh at the fact that the remnants of marijuana can stay in a person’s system up to 1 month although it’s effects only last 30 minutes to 3 hours. They laugh that they can use cocaine and have it vanish from their system within a day.

Prohibition corrupts government. Do you hate government corruption? I bet we could wipe out well over 75% of government corruption (let alone business corruption) by taking drugs out of the black market.