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Dear President Obama, Regarding Your Upcoming Jobs Speech

With regard to your speech tomorrow.

If your speech on jobs doesn’t include you pressing with all your might to end Drug War and gutting this needless terror mongering “Top Secret America” — see this recent update of a Frontline documentary — you are merely … please jump to the next paragraph genteel readers with too vivid imaginations … you are merely doing a #2 in the wind.

I suggest a multimedia presentation using old video clips, graphs, and short testimonials.

Your speech needs to explain to the public why the DEA should has no business telling farmers they can not grow hemp.

It needs to explain how the Drug War does nothing but put money in the hands of sick people (rob the poor, handouts for the rich). It needs to explain how perverse it is to put sick people in jail because they can’t afford the extortionate rates of hospitals or nearly every other aspect of the medical system.

It needs to explain that prohibition ensures access of drugs to teens versus restricting access.

You need to debunk every major lie from the prohibitionists. (Debunking them all could take hours.)

You need to have more than a few people from LEAP there by your side.

You need to quote more than a few lines from Ethan Nadelmann, Ph.D.

You need to have Irvin Rosenfeld and any other brave person from the Federal Medical Marijuana program smoke cannabis right there on camera to prove that marijuana can be used as medicine and like everything else in this world, affects people differently.

You need to have one of the upstanding cannabis dispensary owners, someone like Steve DeAngelo, talk about the success of his business and how they benefit and rejuvenate the community.

You need to publicly apologize for the treatment of people like Reverend Christie in Hawaii and Oklahoma prisoner Larry Yarbrough and immediately grant them clemency, and put people like Amy Ralston, the November Coalition, the Sentencing Project, and others like them, in charge of IMMEDIATELY releasing and expunging the records of non-violent people who have been victimized by this Evil Religion of Hate.

We need to end these predatory jobs programs which are doing nothing but raging hypocrisies against our Founding Documents (and Bible), including one very important line most of us know now, but at the rate things are going, will be but a memory in a few years, “innocent until proven guilty.”

That line still exists (only in our memories), but it is not how we are treated; we live it every day: guilty until proven innocent. (Just the latest example of hundreds: airport paranoia, stupid “zero tolerance” policies which harm young children, warrantless wiretaps, strong-arming corporations to spy on us, etc…)  We are strong-armed by crooked logic which says, “if you are not guilty then you have nothing to hide.” Those who bully us with that line go on the offensive when they are questioned, or recorded, or investigated in invasive ways. Often that line comes from the same hypocrites who work for those in “Top Secret America” who do everything in their power to hide what they do and corrupt our corporations and news media and sources of entertainment.  

Jesus said nothing is hidden, except to make it known later; all those shameful ways will be exposed. All the crooked plots and counter plots and grossly excessive and expensive “safety” and “security” measures which do nothing but waste precious resources, all the traps they set for each other to figure out who’s crooked, will be found out; and as many of us have already found out, none of that waste would be taking place if it wasn’t for this Evil Religion of Hate, otherwise known as Drug War, otherwise known as Drug Prohibition. End prohibition now!

Those forcing this Evil Religion of Hate on us will find themselves in a very sad situation come Judgement Day. Will you be Commander in Chief now or Cowering in Grief come the return of our Lord?

Respectfully, Drew.