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Frontline Investigates?

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Mon, Sep 26, 2011 - 6:08 pm

Further proof PBS should be called Pwned By Sadists is a tidbit from the normally outstanding Frontline show. Overlooking the “report” on meth which flies in the face of all intelligent advice since (at least) the 1970’s (Consumer Reports, Licit and Illicit Drugs, Part 10, Chapter 68 - Learning from Past Mistakes: Six Caveats & Chapter 69 - Policy Issues and Recommendations), Frontline poses this question: Does Medical Marijuana Actually Work?

So I wrote them this letter:

The post titled "Does Medical Marijuana Actually Work?" ( ) leaves me with a feeling I can only describe as flummoxed. This is not meant to be an attack on the author of the post, but surely someone there at Frontline has enough journalistic, editorial, and life knowledge to know that such a question is absurd.

The real questions are:

  • Why are the multitude of studies and evidence suppressed?
  • Who stands to gain by continuously hiding the fact marijuana can also be used as medicine?
  • Why stands to gain by (illegally) keeping it illegal?
  • Why does our government continue to ignore every major study that says to end marijuana prohibition?
  • What powers, and people, are behind the continuous stream of lies, and increasingly expensive Drug War?
  • Who is influencing PBS to continue to force great harm on our children, our communities, our states, our country, and other countries around the world?

Taking a look at this list, it’s pretty clear why we don’t get honest information from various humongous media outlets. They’re in bed with people who think that truth is the enemy of the state. Children of the Inquisition. Those who are so afraid of “Moral Decay” they cause the worst rot ever. People who cheer on the 4th beast in Daniels’ vision. Those who are so eager to tell us about all the awesome things to buy, and act like they are such visionaries, but didn’t see the very economic collapsing they helped cause.

Rather than paying attention to the terrorists in dresses and suits, you should invite some of the many researchers and people like Irvin Rosenfeld on your show. Did you know he smokes (yes SMOKES) 10 joints per day? Joints sent him by the FEDERAL government?! And that the Federal government calls it a medical protocol but in fact they have done no scientific research on him (and other Federal medical marijuana) patients to learn more?

All the research on Irvin and other Federal patients came out of their own pockets or generous donors. And did you know they found that even after many years of SMOKING 10 joints per day he had no diminished lung capacity?