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Men of Lawlessness Lash Out

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Fri, Oct 21, 2011 - 11:07 pm

In what can only be described as evil, maniacal, sociopathic, and wantonly destructive, the children of the devil have been working overtime to spread their terror on more innocent people.

The command from the Devil, the Beast, and the False Prophet is that lawlessness must prevail!

"Worship the image of the beast! Worship the idol which has life and saves you! We are the law! What we say goes!"

"DAMN GOD TO HELL for making those plants!"

"Who is like us?! We are the supreme leaders! … Of the world!"

Yes, folks, like I've written before, you didn't read it here first!

In fact, throughout the Old Testament and New Testament you can find far too many power-drunk, money-drunk, and luxury-drunk people who take sick pleasure in their Holier-Than-Thou ways.

Besides the fact we need to pray for them, they are acting so evil, we must also make sure people recognize the benefits these businesses were to their customers and communities.

We must help the fence-sitters realize that our government has been infiltrated at the highest levels with the drug trafficking organizations who rage at the thought of prohibition ending.

The ONLY reason to shut down tax-paying businesses (even if non-profit) who hire people, pay rent, improve people's health, and work to make the world a better place is because the Men of Lawlessness and their overlords hate the proof of the black market withering. They hate the thought that someone can peacefully walk into a dispensary and ask educated questions from knowledgeable people who care.

The Drug Warriors and Prohibitionists (and their Drug Trafficking Overlords) love violence, they love lying, they love shooting people with their guns.

My undecided brothers and sisters, please think through all of the information the prohibitionists present and all that us reformers present. Ask many questions of both parties. Like Jesus said, "don't be deceived."

Don't forget to ask yourself why so many former Drug Warriors have repented from their scorched earth mindset.