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They Have Made a Lie Their Refuge and Falsehood Their Hiding Place

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Mon, Nov 28, 2011 - 2:35 pm

… [they] have made a lie [their] refuge and falsehood [their] hiding place.

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Isaiah, God (NIV)

The “Partnership” for a Drug Free (everything) makes multiple lies their refuge. (Also see their former, and less wordy “About” page.) Drug Warriors, with their evil conflict of interest are also experts at hiding their greed inside lies and falsehoods.

Principally though, the main falsehood is the lie that prohibition is the best at protecting kids from drugs, drug use, and the drug market.

As can been seen in the historical record, they believe in “advertising campaigns.” What are advertising campaigns best for? Marketing; getting people to want stuff. What’s one of the biggest reasons advertisers do not mention competitors in their ads? They don’t want to give you any ideas, they don’t even want to mention the fact their competitors exist, they don’t want you to think about those other options.

But as various famous people are reported to have said, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity,” or “any publicity is good publicity,” or “there is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is NOT being talked about,” we can see that the Prohibitionists are their (and our) own worst enemies! Like I pointed out in my essay about Bill Benet’s article, the Prohibitionists force feed kids ideas about doing drugs.

Please let me encourage you to read the Consumer Union Report Licit & Illicit Drugs where you can find many examples (with footnotes!) of how prohibition:

  • moves drug use to younger and younger people
  • steps up the potency of drugs
  • spreads the use of drugs through idiotic anti-drug media campaigns

You are encouraged to contact Law Enforcement Against Prohibition which has more than a few speakers who can give you even more details.

Read the essay, albeit needing revision, for more insight into the evil lie that prohibition protects kids: Why do teens deal drugs?

It’s not evil to be concerned about others. But it is evil to perpetrate evil in the name of good. And while it’s probably true that some members of are fully in The Deceived mindset of Prohibition, not all of them are, some of them are the worst offenders and blasphemers. They know full well that prohibition spreads lies, that prohibition causes rebellious populations to gravitate to drugs to piss off authority since authority spends so much time yaking on and on about drugs,

Ok, and now for the part for people who actually read the whole of Isaiah chapter 28.

No doubt the more simple minded will say something like, “this just shows how bad alcohol is.” To which I might reply, “I never advocated for getting drunk. Not everyone who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic. But if you do not understand that God often talks to us in metaphor then you do not understand the Bible or God. Please read the Gospels and find out Jesus said he would only speak in parables to the masses.”

Quite clearly the key analogy in Isaiah 28 is power and money. And when you read “priests and prophets” just substitute “leaders: politicians, industry, bankers, judges, law enforcers, etc…” See verse 10? rule on rule? That clearly describes our mangled byzantine system right now.

And their covenant with death? As has been pointed out, not all Prohibitionist mindsets are the same, some clearly are the agents of death.

Am I saying this passage only has implications for the Prohibitionists? No. But I am saying they are one of the groups which it describes.