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Cops Plant Drugs on Innocent Victims to Meet Arrest Quotas in Name of Prohibitionists

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Mon, Dec 12, 2011 - 12:50 pm

The Drugs? They Came From the Police

Stopping Moral Decay? Only doing their jobs: serving the devil!

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just some isolated incident!

  • Prohibition causes otherwise decent people to do evil things.
  • Prohibition gives bullies a platform to bully others.
  • Prohibition is intrinsically flawed and exacerbates every ill the prohibitionists decry!

Dear Prohibitionists,
This was done in your name, you will be held accountable. The time to repent, and bear the fruits of repentance (undo these EVIL laws, vs. piling on more EVIL). As we speak, evil people who have elevated themselves above others, are frothing at the mouth to enact more evil laws which will certainly entrap you, innocent old you (and it doesn’t even matter if you’ve been to court and convicted, they can smash your doors down and/ore steal your stuff, it’s “legal” to them). How are you enjoying the police state we’ve become?

That terror will be there eternal reward, do you want it to be yours? I guarantee that the more you learn how evil prohibition is, you will come to realize that when Daniel writes about “everlasting shame and contempt” it surely is not a misprint.

The hot potatoes, which involve at least four American agencies, highlight the ethically dubious strategies that have been developed in drug law enforcement over decades.


“In the name of the larger good, agents commit smaller sins. But they are nonetheless sins,” said Bruce Bagley, an expert on the Latin American drug war at the University of Miami. “These are not just grey areas that the agents veer into. They are often black areas.”

Like I’ve written before, please show me in the Bible where Jesus steals in order to catch thieves, or kills in order to track down murderers. No where in his actions or philosophies does he promote this, what these people do is the work of the devil.

This also doesn’t hint at how our government has been complicit or engaging in the spread of drugs to the U.S. and throughout the U.S. And like I’ve written before, suspect the most outspoken against drugs to be those who are the payrolls of the Drug Trafficking Organizations. The longer prohibition lasts the more money they can make.

Russell Jones said he discovered how drug busting led to difficult choices when he worked as an undercover narcotics detective busting cocaine traffickers in California.

“I was aghast about what was happening. I saw people crossing the line,” said Jones, who became so disillusioned he eventually left the police force and joined Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a nonprofit drug policy reform group.

“I saw what was going on and got out. This isn’t a few bad apples. This is the culture of the whole war on drugs. What is happening in Mexico now is especially worrying. Agents have allowed money to walk that can be used to pay for killers,” Jones said. “We cannot win this war. We have to look for alternative solutions.”

And that alternative solution? The one he promotes now, repealing our prohibition laws and replacing them with regulation laws.