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Single-Issue Voting to End the Drug War is Every-Issue Voting

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Tue, Jan 3, 2012 - 1:46 pm

Have you heard of single-issue politics? Single-issue voters or single-issue voting?

What is the social/political issue you are the most concerned about?

  • National security?
  • International security?
  • Neighborhood crime?
  • The environment?
  • Democracy?
  • Civil rights?
  • Animal rights?
  • Racism?
  • The budget?
  • Budget deficits?
  • The economy?
  • Children?
  • Education?
  • Gun rights?
  • Healthcare?
  • Taxation?
  • Torture?
  • Death Penalty?
  • Over-regulation?
  • Under-regulation?
  • The spread of drugs? Logo So far, one of the best sites for an organized collection of how prohibition is either at the root of so many issues, needlessly exacerbates, or wantonly exacerbates the issues you care about is:

Every drug policy reform website, as well as many topical organizations not specifically concerned with ending prohibition, touch on a number of issues, and even here at Christians Against Prohibition we’ve attempted to categorize the multitude of ills caused by prohibition.

But is specifically devoted to enumerating and organizing as much as possible. See their Resource Library page for tools to search for the media type and issue you are concerned about, or need to learn in order to convince others.

If you need more resources as to why the Drug War is failed, is based lies, and will never work, please see this other resource:

Ask yourself, and others, these questions:

  • Which candidates have the sense to end the Drug War?
  • How many more wars would Jesus start?
  • Which candidates want to pour trillions more into Drug War?
  • Which candidates respect your right to control your own body?
  • Which candidates think your body is their property to control and if you disobey them, God told them to smash in your doors, throw you in prison or force you to a rehab which you don’t need, and drive you broke?
  • How many more plants would Jesus add to those listed in the 10 Commandments?
  • Which candidates will finally catch God and/or Jesus and throw their law-breaking and convict butts in jail?!

What’s your candidate’s record on the Drug War? How does your candidate stack up against the Drug War? Will he lie to you, telling you what you want to hear, saying Drug War is a failure and how he will protect medical marijuana patients, but then do the opposite? Will he oversee the endless assignment of plants and chemicals to a non-sensical Damn-God-to-Hell-for-Making-These-Plants list? Will he be among the hundreds of millions who have used marijuana but want the death penalty for others who do? Is he a member of what Jesus calls the Synagogue of Satan, the Holier-Than-Thou-Congregation who look down their noses in an air of superiority at those who use drugs on occasion?

There is nothing to be ashamed about in being a single-issue voter when it comes to holding up the end of Drug War as the most pressing need at hand. Ending Prohibition will bring about the end of a multitude of related and seemingly unrelated ills.