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Drug use not tied to mental decline in middle-age

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Wed, Jan 4, 2012 - 1:49 am

In a study of nearly 9,000 Britons whose memory and mental function were tested at age 50, researchers found that those who had used illegal drugs as recently as in their 40s did just as well or slightly better on the tests than peers who had never used drugs.

Reuters Health reports on a new study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, titled Is Illicit Drug Use Harmful to Cognitive Functioning in the Midadult Years? A Cohort-based Investigation.

Middle aged adults whose memories have grown hazy can’t blame occasional pot smoking or other light illicit drug use, new research suggests.

Drug use not tied to mental decline in middle-age

Overall, the study found, there was no evidence that current or past drug users had poorer mental performance. In fact, when current and past users were lumped together, their test scores tended to be higher.

But that advantage was small, the researchers say, and might just reflect another finding -- that people who'd ever used drugs generally had a higher education level than non-users.

Will the evil lout hypocrites in Congress (Representatives, Senators) do something about the complaints from SSDP?

Boo hoo if you think I’m just a “name caller.” Unless they repent and immediately bear the fruits of repentance (repeal prohibition laws and replace them with short, easy to understand, not-overly-strict regulation laws), I can guarantee you they will hear A LOT worse “name calling” from Jesus himself! (I will go into more detail on this before too long I hope.) But as I hope people can tell, my “name calling” is merely peppered in my writing and not the foundation on which I base my logic.

It really is too bad that so many Nuts In Doctors’ Attire spend so much time searching for ways to condemn themselves, society, and others instead of searching for the way, the truth, and the life. Too bad the Cocaine Import Agency has spent so much time increasing crime and making us less safe. Too bad the Criminals Announcing Stupid Associations rely on ignorance to make their case.

Is this a call to do drugs? No! Each person has to make up their own mind! Each person needs accurate information, information which street dealers do not supply!

But trying to eliminate all drug use has clearly failed! It’s only ensured amazingly awesome profit margins (untaxed) for smugglers, thus giving them enormous incentive to produce and smuggle even greater amounts; amounts the govt. says it only barely intercepts. It’s ensured the corruption of our government! As Reverend Dean Becker points out, “Prohibition is evil!”

Clearly some people can cause short term harm to themselves, and others, through their drug use. But the percentage of the population which they constitute is remarkably tiny and it behooves us to follow the advice from people: cops, lawyers, politicians, doctors, etc… going back 100 years (read online, ePub for eReaders), prohibition itself is the problem NOT the solution; people who become addicted to stuff: drugs, washing their hands obsessively, weight loss, eating, etc… need a helping hand, not a jackbooted expensive SWAT team smashing down their doors and hauling them off to prison or cruel treatment, and I am certain by ending Prohibition we can stop a multitude of ills, and with just a tiny fraction of the money not wasted on Prohibition, we can actually show intelligent love instead of ignorant hate.

Are we a “Christian nation” or an Anti-Christ(ain) nation?!