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Letter to the Winchester Star on their Cover-Page Article About Heroin

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Wed, Feb 1, 2012 - 12:27 pm

Dear Winchester Star,

Regarding your cover story on January 12-18, volume 131 #49, titled, “Heroin a growing problem.”

I applaud the Winchester Star for showing how completely ineffective and downright harmful our policies of Drug War have been. By going haywire at every turn, without regard for learning from history or science, drug prohibition has been the single most counter-productive and harmful policy the U.S. has ever engaged in!

Drug Prohibition, and by extension, the Drug War, does the EXACT OPPOSITE of what its biggest cheerleaders say it does. Everything that happened during alcohol prohibition is happening now, exponentially so. Government corruption, prohibitionists cheering deaths saying it “sends a message,” expensive enforcement that backfires, people go from mild concoctions to far more potent ones, teens (and younger) become involved in the drug trade, the extreme minority of the population who develop problematic use being forced into the hands law enforcement instead of medical professionals, the spread of violence, and on and on …

Heroin did not spread far and wide or enter high-schools due to demand; did your kid grow up demanding heroin? Heroin spread far and wide because instead of instituting intelligent regulations, the extremist position of prohibition was rammed down our throats thus ensuring that what was once in the light where we could control it was shoved into the dark; a complete abdication of control.

Prohibition is an extremist and glaringly failed policy. Neither do I advocate for the other extreme, putting formerly legal (currently illegal) drugs back on every store shelf to be sold to anyone of any age at any time. The wise among us will instantly see that the former is a complete lack of control, while the latter is a minimal amount of control.

There is only one way to end the trillions-of-dollars-incentive for producers, distributors, and dealers who try to get in on the action and increase market penetration as much as possible: we must repeal our prohibition laws and replace them with regulation laws.

Andrew C. Bairnsfather
Sexton (acting Executive Director)
Christians Against Prohibition