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Fruit Flies Self Medicate with Alcohol

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Fri, Feb 24, 2012 - 2:55 am

In a bizarre twist, the news outlet I’ve taken to calling the Pwned By Sadists Inside the Möbius Beltway Hour published an interesting finding.

Apparently fruit flies drink alcohol to self medicate. It keeps them safe from parasites. Some of you may be thinking, “I’ve heard of that: absinthe, the wormwood in absinthe is well known to flush intestinal parasites.” But that’s only partly what is at work, based on my understanding of this report.

To Kill Parasites, Fruit Flies Self Medicate With Alcohol

According to Todd Schlenke, assistant professor of biology at Emory University, fruit flies enjoy the equivalent of a beer with every meal.

No doubt the prohibitionist fruit flies are abuzz, swarming, and vilifying the fruit flies who self medicate with alcohol. Accusing them of hanging out around rotten fruit, trash cans and dumpsters, and drinking “beer” all day long. Chances are they’ve declared alcohol illegal, made little prisons and created ever growing bureaucracies of DA flies and DEA flies to smuggle alcohol to entrap others and launder fruit fly money for the inevitable underground economy in alcohol that grew out of prohibition.

With regards to how this could fit in with prophecy from the Bible … Well, notice how Todd Schlenke says that by drinking alcohol the fruit flies were able to kill off the parasites in their blood stream? I’m not saying, “drink alcohol” or even saying that any physical remedy can cure what I’m about to quote from Jesus. I am certain that repenting from the beliefs and behaviors of forcing Drug Prohibition on others is the solution to avoiding the agony Jesus describes.

For well over 99.99% of hominoids’ existence we’ve been able to drink or consume what we wanted. Whether as food, or medicine, or fun, or religious enlightenment, or out of curiosity. It has long been known that many herbaceous plants are not only tasty by themselves, or are excellent spices, but they add vital nutrients to our diets.

If you have ever been around other people then you know your tastes differ from others. Sometimes it might just be a matter of what is pleasing in the mouth, but other times it might just be that they are self medicating and are drawn to eat wormwood in order to flush worms, or feel motivated to eat one kind of grain vs. another, or even consume cannabis.

And what agony does Jesus describe that is relevant to this discussion? Jesus describes a place where the worm does not die.