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Stanton Peele Takes on AA, the Toughest Drug to Quit, and Prohibitionists Perverting Kids

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Fri, Mar 16, 2012 - 2:32 pm

Here are three recent pieces worth reading.

In this first piece, he points out (among other things) the harms inflicted by the zero-tolerance and abstinence-only mindsets.

AA is Ruining the World

Dr. Peele reports on how the tragically over simplified, black and white philosophies of zero-tolerance and abstinence-only mindsets, are being exported around the world. He fingers the notion it’s the love of a magic bullet solution, and while I don’t doubt that, I suspect it has more to do with money, aka, cash infusions/bribes/promises/etc… from U.S. based Prohibitionist groups.

In related news, if you’ve not heard of HAMS: Harm Reduction for Alcohol, please check them out.

Next we have a case-in-point of how even smart people have been brainwashed by the Drug Warriors, Prohibitionists, and the marketing minion. Stanton points out, “Our fellow HuffPost blogger, Laura Harvey, has written ‘How I Broke All the Rules -- But Still Quit Smoking.’”

He points out she tried to quit 20 to 30 times over 10 years, and in her own post she says she tried lots of things including therapy, pills, medications, etc… Stanton points out how our consumer culture has brainwashed people into thinking the only way to quit smoking tobacco is to buy something, something external to cause them to stop. This is so ingrained the author thinks she’s broken the rules. Dr. Peele writes

If there is one issue I would take with Laura, it's that she broke all the rules. She actually quit addiction the standard way.

He goes on to say

The percentage of self-quitters in smoking is being constantly eroded by the avid marketing of nicotine replacement therapies (gums, patches, etc.). It was once more than 90 percent but is now somewhere between one-half and three-fourths. In the interest of selling their products, pharmaceutical companies labor to convince people smoking addiction is something impossible for people to deal with on their own.

This is How People Quit Addictions

In this piece:

Is Daily Drinking Good or Bad?

Dr. Peele points out how Drug Warrior and Prohibitionist brainwashing of school kids leads them to believe healthful behaviors are harmful.

Where do you think the kids are going wrong in their attitudes? Their misdirection might come from the emphasis in schools on addiction -- drinking daily, rather than sounding like a pleasant and beneficial ritual, reeks to today's children of a “need” for alcohol which, they’ve learned, is the equivalent of alcoholism.

To borrow a quote from the first article

But this type of black-and-white thinking is actually associated with the greatest drinking problems -- think Irish-style versus Italian-style drinking. (Pat O’Hare, with his Irish and Liverpool background, says with amazement, “In my 12 years in Rome, I never saw a drunk person -- not even a tipsy one.”) In other words, the cultural outlook underlying the 12-step model is the one likely to lead to the most excessive drinking/alcoholism/addiction. This is particularly true when, in the same society -- as is true in contemporary America -- people are ubiquitously exposed to the very intoxicants whose use they are taught that they are incapable of controlling.

The Prohibitionist Mindsets are hyper destructive.