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2012-03-16 Updates

Submitted by Thinking CAP on Sat, Mar 17, 2012 - 2:03 am

Lots of little updates, probably too many to mention one by one.

In addition to putting a PDF version of Licit & Illicit drugs online, I’ve been quietly updating the ePub version. Every once in a while I find a mistake I’ve not noticed before, like how a footnote numbered 16 was accidentally read as a quotation mark by the OCR software, or how a 1 was interpreted to be an l or vice versa.

Probably the thing you should be most concerned about is if you’ve already downloaded the ePub version and used your reader software to highlight portions of the text. My guess is that if you replace the latest version from here, with the older version on your device, you will loose your bookmarks and highlights; that the software will see these two as separate books. I’ve not tested this theory, but … be warned.

I updated the Sitting in the Seat of God page with a few examples of scripture. But mainly I have to give credit of that saying to many folks in the southern U.S. who used it quite a bit. As in “who sits on the throne of your heart?” So I borrowed that saying from them, and am now only getting around to fleshing out the scripture it comes from. Slowly but surely bringing this all into the light. :-)

I prototyped another website and did the “Book Navigation” part differently and liked it better, so I want to update the Book Navigation block on this website as well. I kind of don’t like the fact there is the link next to the disclosure triangle, then clicking on it reveals the same item (in bold) right beneath it. I think it might be disorienting for novices, and frankly I found it a bit weird at first, but plowed ahead anyway. So I think it’s time to update that. There are some logistics I’ve not yet worked out, but …

I hope to publish a bunch more videos. I had to learn a bit of Final Cut X to do so, and I now want to wade into Motion somewhat. Mainly I want to standardize on an opening screen, the one I’m using now has too-tiny print with regards to small sized videos.

Yesterday I went to the Massachusetts State House front steps to rally in support of FAMM, the Center for Church and Prison, and nearly 60 other groups who are rightfully upset over proposed anti-Christian legislation being put forth. I took my DPA sign “No More Drug War,” and held it high, and recorded much of the event on my camera phone. But I’ve not yet edited it. So it will probably be a few days until I get it online, and due to YouTube’s duration restrictions I may have to break it up into multiple chunks.

My calls for legal assistance to establish a non-profit have gone unheeded, but although Christians Against Prohibition may not be an “official” organization in the eyes of the state, God’s law is higher than state law, higher than Federal law, therefore God recognizes us. :-) We are parts of one body.

I wish I could say I was attending the SSDP conference in Denver, Colorado, but I’m not. Around here, we are not approached by people who literally print money and fall over themselves to lavish it on us. (Reference to the blood drinking Prohibitionists who work to bribe others to continue to feed them death.)

However, there is an event 1,400 miles to the south I will be attending at the end of this month. If you wish to help defray travel expenses you are more than welcome to. I plan on stopping on the trip there and return to meet with various people engaged in the reform effort; in-person meetings are generally more productive and invigorating than emails or phone conversations; it must have something to do with spirit. In any case, I wish I could say your gift is tax deductible, but I can’t. If you are near Interstate 95 and want to say, “Hi,” please let me know sooner rather than later.

Jesus says it’s a wash if you only donate to people who can repay you. [Luke 6:32-38, Luke 14:12-14] And there is that possibility, I might be able to repay you at some point, in which case your act of kindness is repaid. As you may know Jesus says to do your acts of kindness for people who can not repay you, then on Judgement Day you will be repaid by God for your good works. So you might not be able to take it as a human tax write-off and God might not give you credit for it either. I guess the only consolation I have is that we are not just trying to fix this horrendously broken system for ourselves, but also for the billions of others who are suffering and paying for it, many of whom can not repay you (or me). And in the mean time we could become friends anyway, that’s worth something. :-)

Anyway, that’s a bit of what’s going on now.